Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Glenn Campbell of BBC South East is likely to show an interesting take on Euroferries and the ferry 'business' at large, in tonight's Inside Out programme at 7.30pm.
Contacts tell me that The Millionaire's Playground will feature as will our very own Cllr Latchford who is currently in Hong Kong.
'Mauwice' will be none to pleased to hear 'Wodger' on camera stating, " There is absolutely no way a ferry will be running from here by March 31st!"
This of course is contrary to Euroferries press release saying a service will commence from Ramsgate on that date and 'Mauwice's' 'gung-ho' optimism.
My advice to 'Wodger' would be to make sure if Euroferries newly painted Bonanza Express pops into Ramsgate that he gets down there to collect berthing charges quickly or he might find something in common with the Mayor of Rochester, USA.

An 'on-line' report on Inside Out will be up at 5.00pm.

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Anonymous said...

Roger should know, after all the ouncil run the port, Euro ferries would have to reach agreement to use the port before starting