Monday, 15 June 2009


I think Cllr Clive Hart does a good job as a TDC Ward Cllr in West Cliftonville and I was concerned that the reports concerning him slipping out of The Winter Gardens the other week, looking dejected and despondent may have led to a loss of morale. As the message below shows, he is still being very busy and cannot be accused of being bashful about telling everyone.
'Friend & colleague


This is just a note concerning my current position, as many people are coming up to me in the street really quite concerned that after last weeks KCC election results, I may no longer be involved in local matters.

Please understand - nothing could be further from the truth.

I intend to continue giving the same 100% I gave to my former County role to my 3 other major roles:

Leader of the Opposition at Thanet District Council.
A Cliftonville West District Ward Councillor.
Chair of Governors at the OUTSTANDING Laleham Gap Special School.

Just for example - please note (some of) my actions for this week following last Friday's results:

Saturday - I attended our joint Cliftonville West ward surgery with colleagues Cllr. Linda Aldred & Doug Clark.

Sunday - I attended the first Cliftonville Resident's Association (Oval Arena) concert of the summer.

Monday - I moved in to my Opposition Leader's office at TDC & held various meetings with group members.

Tuesday - I attended a meeting of residents, businesses & TDC officers in Cliftonville.

Wednesday - I attended a Renewal Area meeting with fellow councillors & TDC Officers.

Thursday - I attended a meeting regarding Thanet Works & also Chaired a meeting of the TDC Shadow Cabinet.

Friday - I Chaired a Finance & Personnel meeting at Laleham Gap School, then held a weekly ward meeting with Cllrs. Linda Aldred & Doug Clark in Northdown Road where we also later visited an event at the Royal School for Deaf Children Margate Road Project.

I've also dealt with a mountain of individual residents casework and had some 'interesting' dialogue with our local authorities.

The fact is, I now have time to focus completely on many varied local issues without all the travelling and consequently I've even managed to get just a little of my personal life back as well.

So if anyone asks - Clive lost one battle but will still be around for many more!!!!!

I also attach - for interest - a lovely letter from the Conservative Chairman of KCC.

Have a great weekend!

Best wishes



Anonymous said...

sad old bloke

tony flaig bignews said...

How come I didn't get one?

I have often received emails from Clive Hart and published them.

I just wonder if I'm persona non grata (I think that's welsh for unloved, anyway your the language specialist bertie).

I cannot help thinking that I've rather unkind to labour of recent.

Bertie Biggles said...

I didn't get one either, Tony. This has come from a 'source'!

Anonymous said...

Poor Clive cant work bad back on benefits lost his Kcc seat and now havin to tell the world how hard he is workin, gosh one whole meeting a day thats tough. Clive its time you accepted that you are a joke and for your Group to wonder if you have lost the plot

Anonymous said...

Nasties out again i see! The horribles just cant resist a nasty sweep, the email was on general circulation i got one and wrote a reply. Some councillors - Clive being one of them work hard, are visible inside and out of their ward and not just at election time, shame same could not be said of the likes of Ken Gregory - what a pathetic note he has posted about road closures once again in his ward. Other councillors closure to Clive's ward say they are "passionate about their wards" but invisible there at the same time!