Thursday, 4 June 2009


I have pounded the streets, delivering for Conservative and Labour alike, and have now spent a few hours 'telling' outside a scout hut. For me this hustings is now over.
What struck me most was the age of the 120 odd voters who came to vote between 7 and mid-day; literally a handful of under 30s and most 60+. None of the young mums and dads taking children to the nearby school popped into vote. Politics may have a bad reputation at the moment but not voting is an issue that needs addressing if this country is to ever have a healthy thriving democracy at every level.
10 years of 'Citizenship' in Schools has had the reverse effect of increased sex-education; voting declines as unsafe sexual activity amongst the young has increased. Perhaps its time to consider a compulsory voting scheme as in Australia and if people want to protest they can do so by spoiling their ballot papers and scribbling rude comments on them.
Of those who told me that they were voting for my two Conservative candidates for KCC, not one had a good word to say about our Conservative Leader at TDC; interesting.
I assume it must be par for the course to be ignored by keen supporters of other parties when sporting a blue rosette but I must say I was only snarled at in typical Thanet style by only one couple who clearly had Iris and Clive in mind.
It would appear that counting of votes will not take place in The Winter Gardens tonight but will take place during the day tomorrow, so everyone will have to wait to see how it all went and whether the sole-leather expended was all worth it.


Anonymous said...

Compulsory voting would be another erosion of what freedom we have left.The only acceptable option if voting became compulsory,is the'none of the'above option.

Hugin said...

You're right Bertie, the voting issue does need to be addressed, but as any reform needs an Act of Parliament it is not likely to be.
Most MPs, and prospective MPs, seem all too happy with the present cosy arrangements.

Michael Child said...

Bertie what we really need is for our crazy leaders to stop bickering and for Gordon Brown to make up a series of options based on other countries political systems, like compulsory voting, elected prime minister, pr etc and put them to the country in a referendum, perhaps people would vote more if the felt it empowered them in some way or made some sort of difference.

Matt B (Thanet Star) said...

I agree that we need to do something that will increase the number of people that vote. I'm not sure I'm ready to support compulsory votes but something must be done.

ascu75 aka Don said...

just did a straw poll of people able to vote in my house at lunch time out of seven only one had done so one was out of the country so was unable.I dont know what the answer is but if my family is a representation of the UK we need to do something

Bertie Biggles said...

Don, despite urging my extended tribe to vote, 7 out of 9 failed to do so yesterday. Mrs Biggles and myself being the only ones and did so by postal vote. As you say, we do need to do something. I accept your point, 16.55 about erosion of freedom and like the idea of 'none of the above' option.

Anonymous said...

Voting has also got to be available by some electronic means - not relying solely on people using stubby pencils on a long sheet of paper which then get counted in a hastily commandeered sports hall in the early hours or the following day.

It's a sorry state of affairs when more people vote for Britain's' Got Talent shows and their like than in a Europe wide election which could have serious consequences for us for many years to come (OK that's a bit boring I know, but hopefully helps you get a perspective) - and are happy to be charged for making the necessary phone calls too -perhaps there's some cash there to meet MPs expenses perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Interesting! 'Emergent democracy, a social system in which blogging undermines mainstream media.'

Bertie Biggles said...

And why not, i ask 23.33. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

I have believed in compulsory voting for years but now I believe that compulsory voting would be the quickest way to get a Fascist Government.

Anonymous said...

People will vote in large numbers when they think it can achieve something.
A million people on the street against a war...result? War.
Overwhelming public opinion for MP's who abused the system to be sacked...result? Virtually nothing done.
Incompetent bank executives screwing up the financial system. Result? They are still there except being paid their greedy pig enormous salaries by us.
The list is endless. i voted but I don't blame peole who don't bother.