Monday, 1 June 2009


Please click on the pic for more details if you are interested in a day out on the 'farm'.
Quex Park is our biggest farming enterprise on what is left of ever dwindling farmland on Thanet and it is important for all of us to realise the connection between farmers and our food.
Quex Park has led the way in the past 13 years in combining modern farming with improving the natural environment, in sponsoring and allowing 'sponsored' planting schemes of hedgerows, shelter belts and tree-lines on its land and is the only farm on Thanet within the Countryside Stewardship Scheme that has wild-life headlands, permissive footpaths and bridleways around its land. Visitors staying at Two Chimneys Caravan Park have immediate access, as do our local stables and riding clubs, to over 5 km of permissive bridleways and footpaths behind hedgerows around Birchington and Westgate for country walks and rides. A few years ago Thanet residents would have seen ploughed fields right up to road verges and nowhere to walk or ride.
Go along on Sunday and find out what they are upto and what they are doing in terms of helping to feed you.
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A stirling example of what british farming can do