Saturday, 6 June 2009


Six months ago I wanted this Government out as quickly as possible. Now I am not so sure.
As the media, Cameron and Brown's own party descend into a shark like 'feeding frenzy', I am beginning to think that the present hysteria in the country, fuelled by 3 weeks of revelations from The Daily Telegraph, needs to settle before the country goes to the polls again.
Let's be quite frank about the scandals at Westminster; the Conservative MPs have been as bad as Labour MPs and in many instances worse, in making outrageous allowance claims. It is a natural inclination to want to see the back of the lot of them but calm reflection is needed.
The grim economic situation has not gone away and neither have the Taliban in Afghanistan. We will need talented and experienced MPs at Westminster for some time to come and if we rush to the polls in a precipitous manner as a result of indignation and disgust we might end up with a House of Commons with all sorts of 'odd bods' sitting there.
There is a saying that 'vengeance is a dish best savoured cold' and the electorate will get its chance soon enough next year. Cold deliberation about the serious problems this country faces is now needed and the last thing we need is a Labour Government tearing itself apart in these frenzied times. Cameron and the Conservatives need to do some house-keeping and preparation if they are going to be able to take over and get things sorted properly. We need a calming down period where effective policies and plans to solve the mess we are in , can be made carefully and cautiously and put to the electorate in a clear and reasoned manner.
History teaches us that 'revolutionary' times very rarely lead to effective future government.
Perhaps it might be best for us all to wait a while and have some patience?


tony flaig bignews said...

I agree we don't need an election right now but we do need a new prime minister.

Gordon Brown has allowed toryboy David man of the people assuming you've been to public school to wash off the slime and dump it back on the Labour Party. He is simply not up to the job, Cameron is a blimin lightweight!

God knows that when it comes to sleaze and corruption you simply can't beat the conservatives.

Just think of all those slimy creeps from Mrs Thatchers government who used to take it in turn, to push their wives in front of the camera after a News of the World front page, every few months.

Christ even Major! use to have Curry served up on his parliamentary desk on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Daily Mail is now looking closely at Cameron's finances and asking some questions about him. Mrs. Cameron's family, she says, own a 'field in Lincolnshire, that's all'. Ironic or what? It seems her family owns 3000 acres of farmland and a bit more besides. Gives the impression that the paper feels he's being a 'bit economical with the verité' as Alan Clark once memorably said.

Anonymous said...

The Lib Dems are arguably more sleazy, especially including their predecessors the Liberals.

Current MP Mark Oaten, married with kids, who paid rent boys to defecate on him and blamed it on the stress of going bald? (check Google if you can't remember!)

Leader Jeremy Thorpe, who underwent a murder trial?

Heck, even the Canterbury City Councillor in Herne Bay who is up on a corruption charge relating to his time on the planning committee!

Charles Kennedy, who had to miss key debates as he was slaughtered?

They are smaller in number but, in percentage terms, I'd say they were the worst!

Michael Child said...

Bertie I think that the problem is that our system and amount of government has got completely out of hand.

With the economic state of the country and the need to return some element of power back to the people I believe we would be a lot better off if Gordon Brown used the expenses scandal to reform the situation.

I am uncertain what form of government would be best for us but think the options should be put to the people in a referendum.

David Cameron’s continual waste of breath telling Gordon Brown he should go is putting me off the Conservatives.

I reckon our ancient system of government would just about be fit for purpose if it hadn’t been tinkered with so much and if the European Parliament hadn’t developed into a major legislative body.

We are paying far too much for too many levels of government, for instance if you are going to have a European Parliament it follows that you don’t need as much national government.

Frankly the thought of years of government by people selected by protest vote is not a happy thought.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. Tory sleaze is the bench mark. If you need proof, just look at our Tory Council!

Anonymous said...

I was talking to an elderly acquaintance of mine, True Blue through and through, but cannot support the Tories here now. I was told he was not the only one as many of his circle feel the same. When canvassed by the Tories in the form of Laura Sandys' half-sister, said as much. Edwina Sandys went away duly taken aback at the vehemence of my friend's refusal to back the Conservatives here financially or by working for the party. Apparently his vote went elsewhere this time round for the county.

Anonymous said...

Heaven help us all if the country is run by people similar to those running TDC. Sandy and co are no better than a local mafiosi. People have such short memories of the Tories nationally, high unemployment, interest rates of 15%, divided society, denationalisation of essential services, the erosion of our manufacturing base turning Britain into a services economy led by the financial sector which was given carte blanche to do what it liked leading to the problems of today. People have such short memories.

Anonymous said...

You can't deny the last comment - Sandy and his cronies giving Conservatives an appalling reputation. Problem will be that there won't be enough candidates for the local district elections as no-one wants to put up with the nastiness and bullying etc, he will also probably try to control the selection of potential candidates like last time - all odes very badly!