Wednesday, 17 June 2009


As some readers will know, I have taken a very sceptical view of the Euroferries idea of a service out of Ramsgate using Fred Olsen's Bonanza Express. It has been laid up in Las Palmas harbour since running aground in Dec 2008; the crew laid off and despite pictures released in March of it painted in Euroferries livery and a promise to start in late March, this boat is still sitting moored against the harbour wall in Las Palmas.
I do not know why our Thanet South MP hypes this story and the Thanet Times goes along with it. As we approach the summer school holidays and peak cross-channel season for cars and passengers, Euroferries little saga sounds so reminiscent of its previous attempts for a similar ferry at Dover, that certainly de-chuffed a Mayor in the USA, and came to nothing.
I am all for a return to a serious ferry operator running out of Ramsgate but Euroferries just doesn't fit this description. Even if it does get a scheme together, it will have missed the boat for this summer's boom travel period.
We should all just calm down, take a big pinch of salt before providing free promotion for odd companies, and await some hard news. That hard news will be when the Bonanza Express actually moves up the Channel and is sitting in either Boulogne or Ramsgate!

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