Tuesday, 2 February 2010



BBC South East's investigative reporter, Glenn Campbell, appears to have been looking into Euroferries for some time, and next Monday 8 Feb 2010, readers will be able to watch at 7.30 pm, his answers to the question 'Will Euroferries start a new ferry service?' (from Ramsgate). A 'must see' programme, I would suggest.

Readers should be aware that the BBC South East's 'chief sleuth' reported in 2006 on  Euroferries efforts to start a service from Dover ( some will recall the 'Spirit of Ontario' saga) and last year had our Deputy Leader, 'Woger' Latchford stuttering before the camera on the subject of Euroferries proposed Ramsgate -Boulogne service. Will he feature again?

Regular readers will be well aware that 'Strife' has taken a very cautious stand about Euroferries claims to deliver a service from Ramsgate since February last year and this caution has been justified after 3 start dates have come and gone and poor old Bonanza Express has had Euroferries logos painted on and off TWICE!

It would seem that not only did Fred Olsen deadlines for 'hire' and money not get met but that a PR Firm taken on by Euroferries has had some problems of a similar nature. What is one to make of this ?:

'The Staging House Limited was engaged by Euroferries on 5th March 2009; we understood that our role would be to act as Euroferries' Marketing Team. We were instructed to distribute a press release, which had already been approved by Euroferries Directors, targeting  local press and maritime organisations.   We duly did so in good faith, believing the clients to be in a position to meet the expectations that the press release would create.  Unfortunately, we were never placed in a position by Euroferries to respond to press and customers enquiries.  When it became clear (shortly after our initial engagement) that we could not complete our job effectively, we declined to continue representing Euroferries and we have had no contact from the company or any of its representatives since that time.  We have not been paid for any of our work to date."

The Studio
The Staging House
RH13 8NH

I think that any-one interested in what we in Thanet all wished for, a service between Ramsgate and Boulogne, should tune in next Monday!


Adem said...

That's very interesting to hear about the PR firm. Not the best move to make really.

I look forward to Monday....

Anonymous said...

Well what a surprise, the walter mitty ferry company has not produced the goods.

Anonymous said...

No suprise to anyone, I understand that the Ch. Exec put the blocks on any deal as he had past dealings with some of the principals at the turn of the century that didn't turn out to well. Perhaps somebody could throw further light on this.

Anonymous said...

Busy day on the ferry news front - seems TEF are chartering Norman Spirit from LD Lines, although route not yet confirmed.

Anonymous said...

From what I hear Richard Samuel has indeed been cautious, whilst OBE has been gung-ho. The programme should make interesting viewing - as long as the Beeb's Rhinestone Reporter has found out the real truth, and doesn't bottle it!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, I look forward to seeing what he has dug up with his investigation into Euroflop.

Anonymous said...

Who I wonder who pushed TDC into dealing with this company? Perhaps our Steve?

Anonymous said...

New service starts 30 April 2010. There are reports that Euroferries has been liaising with universities in both Kent and the Pas de Calais region to make a media splash over the new service. "A programme of launch events is underway," it is reported.