Saturday, 13 February 2010



I received the following from Cllr Ted Watt-Ruffell this afternoon. I have since spoken with him and have urged him to consider his position as a TDC Cllr and that perhaps resignation from TDC would enable him to have closure on this whole matter. He assured me that he would consider that once his appeal against sentence and process had been handled by his defence solicitor.

e watt-ruffell said...Hi Bertie
I would like you to be the first to know that i have made the decision
to stand down from my group and the office of the Mayor of Margate. I just repeat  that nobody asked  me or pushed me in to this decision;  it was mine.
I believe i have done the Honorable thing for my Town and the Conservative group and for my family.
I now hope you will back off me as a person and my family; let us live our lives. If you want to see a broken man please ring and we can meet up as i know you have my phone number
kind regards
Cllr E Watt-Ruffell
Past Mayor of Margate

13 February 2010 16:05

He has told me that he will issue a Press Release on Tuesday 16th February announcing his decision to step down from his Office as Mayor of Margate and thus clarify his earlier press release about 'intending to stand down'.

I hope that he will consider his position as a Ward Cllr for Dane Valley carefully, but that is his perogative, as there is no formal requirement for him to do so. I have told him that I will not accept comments on this posting. and that I believe a line can now be drawn under the issues of the Mayoralty and  his position as a Conservative Cllr.