Wednesday, 24 February 2010


A sobering thought that today is the the two year point for Thanet Strife. With 486 posts since 24 Feb 2008 and almost 2,000 visitors checking out my profile ( not very informative actually) its nice to know that some out there in the 'blogsphere' bother to come and read.
My thanks to the Strife Team for so much help and support and also their FoI requests to possibly the most secretive Council in the UK, over the past 2 years.

When TDC complains of the cost to it, of FoI requests , they might like to consider that straight answers to simple questions is a cheaper alternative than forcing people to make formal FoI requests. I would like to commend to readers the openess and integrity of one Planning Officer, in particular, who has politely fielded enquiries, clarified issues and shown himself to be a true public servant to the electorate and to his Council.  It is a pity that his approach is not part of the general culture at TDC.

Some may consider my preference to use my ' nom de guerre' on this blog as odd, considering my identity is Thanet's worst kept secret, but it suits my schizophrenic nature. There are enough clues littered around as to who I am , but if you are stuck as to my identity, please feel free to make enquiries with The Leader or Deputy Leader at TDC. .They were happy, in the summer of 2008, to utilise the services of a uniformed Kent Police Officer acting on his own, to pursue what appeared to be, unofficial enquiries against their own Councillors regarding my identity.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately tdc prefers the del boy way of doing business, thankfully there are a few good officers who realize they are actually working for all the people in thanet rather than for themselves. A shame we need to use the FOI to find out information.

Tony Beachcomber said...

It is a good job we have the freedom of information act and who idea was that ?
Anyway, congrats on two years and still standing. Yourself, ECR and Michael have made Thanet blogging very interesting. Almost becoming an local institution.

Bertie Biggles said...

Yes,thank goodness for FoI, Tony and thanks for kind words.