Friday, 26 February 2010


The following was posted this afternoon as a comment to 'Nerve Centre of Euroferries'(posted in Feb 2009). An interesting place to post and I copy it here:

News from the Captain said...
Thanet Strife Thank you for the publicity for the leading fast ferry operator on the Channel. Us folks here in Boulogne are all ready for the big off. Monday morning (yes, 1 March 2010... remember, the big day). The timetable is published and Euroferries is ready to confound all you doubters and wow the world. Commercial considerations mean that we have had to keep the name of our craft confidential, but get yourselves down to Ramsgate first thing Monday to greet our maiden voyage. The ship leaves Boulogne at 7.30 am Monday. And into Ramsgate at 7.45 am-ish. Free croissants for all who turn up for the party.
What are we to make of this? I have shown a picture of Sea Leopard just in case you might want to look out for her on Monday, or even the Norman Arrow (LD Lines) which is presently berthed in Boulogne.

Expect high tides and an interesting storm blowing up the Channel on Sat/Sun. How will the hoardings at Pleasurama look on Monday? Off to talk to maritime Strife Team members.


Neptune Watcher said...

Think the joker is a month too early! Think this should have been posted ready for 1st April ......All Fools Day!!!

Anonymous said...


It isn't the LD Lines vessel, Norman Arrow is it ?

She was tied up in Boulogne ?

Anonymous said...

Bertie - It is either a hoax or the Norman Arrow, which has been tied up in Boulogne.

Anonymous said...

Someone been at the vino ?

Bertie Biggles said...

The Norman Arrow could cross in 1hr 15mins and as you say, is sitting in Boulogne at the mo. Maritime members of the Strife Team are now on the case and I await further info from them, with interest.

Anonymous said...


The Pirates are cutting shore leave short. The booty from the last venture for the fighting pirates is running out and we need more!!

We aim to moor up and take over the port?

Love and best wishes

Venus: the figurehead of the crew

Giving ships head in Thanet since 1660


Michael Child said...

The Euroferries website won’t let you book until the 18th of March, so I don’t think it will be a very busy crossing.

Bertie Biggles said...

I just find it all odd, Michael. If its genuine, presumably trial crossings etc and 'ticket's' for skipper,crew and boat have to be approved for the route.

My 'doubting Thomas' nature leads me to the conclusion in regard to Euroferries , that I will not believe it till I see something chugging backwards and forwards across the briney! A Strife team photographer will be down at harbour, just in case!

derick97 said...

Keep your eye on them Bertie

Anonymous said...

Re: EUROFERRIES: Ramsgate to Boulogne


I E-mailed Euroferries this morning asking about the comment written on the Thanet Strife Blog.

This is their response:

"Dear Alex,

Thank you for your email.

Euroferries high speed service between Ramsgate and Boulogne will be commencing March 2010. The exact March start date will be released shortly.

The comment you mention displayed on 'Thanet Strife' was not published by Euroferries, or anyone who represents Euroferries.

An official statement will be released shortly by Euroferries PR company regarding the March start date alongside other details such as the launch events taking place at both ports and the name of Euroferries high speed catamaran.

I have added your details to our contact list so you are kept apprised as soon as the aforementioned details are released.

If you have any further queries please feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Poppy Redmond

Euroferries Customer Service Dept."

From bfenthusiasts......

Bertie Biggles said...

Alex, 14.06, thanks for that. Is it LD lines re Norman Arrow commenting? Have given them some praise in at least knowing how to set up a service! We await and see.

Thanks derick97.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrrr Bertie

Lets get some matters ship shape and Bristol fashion ere shall we - and we are not talking about Mabels Bristols either?

The Norman Arrow is a French vessel (LD) (they ought to remember Crecy/Agincourt) but that was another Piracy matter. This may or may not come into Ramsgate.

The other vessel (Sea Leopard SL) lays up at Tilbury docks (Thanet Pirates ait them Essez Pirates) the (SL) requires a lot of maintenance as our ship carpenter has pointed out.

She has had a recent paint job (in white). Me motley crew doubt that a well known ferry company will come up with a Davy Jones locker to pay a years lease up front - just like our Venus, always up front and she always says lets suck it and see. We (the pirates) cannot see that this ere craft will be ready in time for any start up soon and for any other Pirates to suck it and see....see.

Cpt Ese Kill

Flogging dead horses in Thanet since the great battle of Meregate gardens of 1770


Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks for that Capn Ese Kill! Tells us a lot about the state of Sea Leopard at Tilbury; that said paint on and off seems to afflict boats being looked at by EF!

Ken said...

Well.It's monday 1st March and it's 11.30 am.
Is she here yet?

Bertie Biggles said...

Afraid not, Ken. Hardly surprising. No boat came in on the tide in 3 prior advertised EF occasions so this 'hoax'is in keeping with the present fashion.
EF are having a 4th crack though and will we see something on 14th March? Reports concerning Sea Leopard at Tilbury do not sound promising.

Ken said...

Bet they don't come on the 14th either. After all, it's Mother's Day, and if you need a good excuse then that is a good excuse

Anonymous said...

A dredger arrived this morning so perhaps this is the dredger for the "2 days dredging" Sandy promised...

Anonymous said...

'No sailings found' before the 21st .

Anonymous said...

So its slipped from 18th March?

calais said...

They're into their third week of dredging with Crestway (MMSI: 210912000) now. Sleep has been disturbed, for several nights, by workings at the former passenger pontoon… surely this is preparation for something?