Tuesday, 16 February 2010


It would seem that Margate Charter Trustees ( our Cllrs in all wards of The Borough of Margate), are to meet tomorrow to discuss The Mayoralty. 
Cllr Watt-Ruffell issued this clear resignation decision yesterday:

Dear Charter Trustees,
I would like to inform you that I, Cllr E Watt Ruffell, will stand down as the Mayor of Margate as from 15 February 2010.

I know that some regard Mayors, Charter Trustees, tricorns, bicorns and chains as old fashioned and worthless but I regard these apects of our civic heritage as important and the work that a Mayor and Charter Trustees do as an important aspect of community life and our identity as a community.

The Charter Trustees in Margate are meant to be 'non-political' and I am aware of political tensions that exist and some bitter exchanges in the recent past that have led some Labour Ward Cllrs to avoid involvement with The Charter Trustees.

Could I urge that it is now time, in the worst crisis that has perhaps affected the role of Mayor and The Charter Trustees of Margate, for any political differences and old issues to be put to one side. I would urge Labour Cllrs in particular,  to attend tomorrow's meeting and future meetings and engage in the healing process to restore the status and dignity of the office of Mayor of Margate and to further the excellent work that Margate Charter Trustees do in Margate.

I hope tomorrow that The Charter Trustees will not be hasty by bringing forward a new Mayor and 'Mayor Making' from the normal month of May. Let the Deputy step in, after all that is his purpose, and in the next few weeks carefully consider the best choice from amongst their number,  to restore the dignity of the office of Mayor in the year ahead.

To do this, political and past issues must be set aside and this is why I urge Labour Charter Trustees to attend The Charter Trustees and support and be involved in the selection of Margate's next Mayor who should be the best choice the Charter Trustees can come up with from their number, irrespective of Party, and avoid the nonsense that ocurred last year.


Anonymous said...

AS long as Iris is not 'It' it could be anyone!!!

Anonymous said...

Before too long it will be decision time for Thanet residents. Need to get rid of this shower in whose hands things go from bad to worse. I urge all good Tories to start putting things right now and get rid of your liabilities.

Anonymous said...

This shower cannot agree amongst their own paries Bertie as to how they should act. No chance then of them all working together.

The only thing that we can guarantee on is that they will all work for their own benefits and to hell with the people of Margate.

The voters who elected this lot will be the last thing on their minds.

Anonymous said...

Funny then how it is the nasty tories who are doing all the work now while most of the labour gang have thrown their toys out the pram.