Thursday, 17 July 2008


The Save Thanet's Water- Stop China Gateway Group have hired the hall and its first public meeting will take place on Tuesday 22nd July at Minster Village Hall at 7.30pm. I am told it will not be a swish PR event like the CGP 'roadshow' but just ordinary people meeting to express their concerns and hopefully get a better picture of the implications for us all if this project goes ahead. All are welcome, including our TDC Councillors, as long as they promise not to express an opinion, as we don't want any of them excluding themselves from making a decision in due course!


Anonymous said...

Someone is losing the plot here. I first visited China and HongKong in the early 80's as a student, falling in love with the country and its people. My friend had spent the previous year at 'Bei Da'(Peking) university. The academics had sufferred terribly in the cultural revolution, but never discussed it, as all had equally horrific tales to tell, however occationally they opened up to trusted outsiders who had not shared in their suffering. A few years later I had a chinese resercher Dr.Xui living as my lodger here in Thanet and we watched together as the tiannaman square tragedy unfolded. We all naively thought that China, liberalising economically at such a rate, would be the first country to throw off communism. Alas it was not to be. My lodger wept openly as events unfolded and his hopes and dreams for his beloved China were dashed. It is not racist to stand up against a government oppressing its own people. Neither is it racist to celebrate cultural and racial diversity and make light of national foibles.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon 21:49, I agree with you 100%

Bertie Biggles said...

Thank you for that clear and honest posting, 21.49 and I am glad to see you visiting Tony.

Someone is clearly trying to sabotage the Save Thanet's Water Supply- Stop China Gateway campaign by malicious allegations and have now resorted to 'scare' tactics in an attempt to put people off attending the Meeting in Minster on Tuesday.

Strife is an open site 21.09/21.28 but if you continue to mis-use this freedom I will be forced to block your posting. I do not want to go down that route. I will be happy to remove your postings whenever they appear in the meantime.

Bertie Biggles said...

You are absolutely right 22.58. Your actions are akin to the bully boy tactics of the fascists you claim to abhor. How dare you come out with sanctimonious crap about finding 21.49's posting 'inspiring'. You and your ilk are from the same mould as the Maoist Red Guards and The Nazi Brown Shirts. The really sad thing is that just like them, you are such an unintelligent thug and bully boy that you don't realise it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bertie Biggles

I read that post before you rightly deleted it.

This is clearly not a genuine Anti Nazi and g-d forbid that they ever re-surge in the form of the 1939/45 era and having visited many holocaust sites i am amazed at the activities of this person whose only ambition is to use scare tactics in much the same way.

It does their cause no good to deal with this subject in this manner and a i am going to call the relevant organisations today regarding what I would call spiteful activities.

My background is to support Jewish causes and have done for many, many years.

So Anti Nazi poster think very carefully who and what you post, others are looking at this blog site not just the interested CGP parties you have made your point now go!!!

Bertie Biggles said...

07.25,spot on. It is quite clear now that this malicious posting is all to do with postings that criticise China Gateway's proposed location or postings dealing with lack of maintenance at Northdown House, Coach House and CCTV on public bridleways.

Not being a technical sort of chap, couldn't even fix the Sopwith, I have been busy getting help.

A friend came over last night and has now given Strife the means to identify each poster by their ISP number?( I am sorry to do this as I regard it as intrusion) and I have passed 2 ISP numbers on, together with copies of relevant postings of those ISP numbers.

I am not very technical in these matters but each of our computers apparently has its own identification number (this ISP thing) and these are traceable. (Perverts downloading child pornography are traced this way by the Police)
Anyway, Kent's finest are always interested in two particular groups of political extremists and any information on them is always welcome, so I have been informed.

Anonymous said...

Lets get a number of things clear Bertie.

People have every right to question postings that have been put on your blog that they deem as being offensive to racial groups.

We have every right to point this out, and to do so is not malicious.

We have every right to support the aims on the ANL whether we are currently paid up members or not.

Many of your readers including Cllr Gregory share our findings.

If you don't want us to post on your site we will respect your wishes, however, we will monitor the content of you text when talking about the Chinese people.

Let us remind you that you are the one that has allowed unpleasant views about an ethnic group to be posted. We are aware that it is very easy to find out an I.P address, this is no big deal as we are well within our rights, and respect data protection.

You can't go around writting what ever you please about an ethnic group and think that you won't be taken to task over it.

If you don't want to be pulled up on such views you should run a members only blog for people that only think as you do.

As far as your views on the government of China or anything else politcal, they are your views and you have every right to hold them. But the chinese people are not the chinese government.

bertie biggles said...

14.23. Go to the strand in question and imagine the same caption quotation spoken by a Cantonese speaking native Chinese with difficulty with pronounciation. If that is racist, then whose definition are we working on? I will also point out that because one posting in particular said the post had caused them offence, I apologised to the poster and removed that interpretation of the spoken word. As for Cllr Gregory, he is entitled to his opinion, like anyone else, but he has lost I suspect a great deal of respect from others over his comment.

Anyway, I am pleased to have you on the site arguing a point of view which you hold to be valid but I happen to disagree with it. A polite exchange of views is healthier than a stream of invective, threats and abuse.

Peter Checksfield said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Checksfield said...

" As for Cllr Gregory, he is entitled to his opinion, like anyone else, but he has lost I suspect a great deal of respect from others over his comment."

Including mine...

I'm disappointed that he can't tell the difference between true racial intolerance & an obvious smear campaign.

At the very most I found your comments a little un-PC, & they would've been more than acceptable by almost anyone a few years back (didn't Benny Hill entertain millions around the world by doing a similar accent?).

(I deleted my previous post due to typos!)

Anonymous said...


We have discussed the matter, and my friends have told me that I should not be so quick to judge you. For this reason I oplogise to you, as life is too short, but please understand my intentions are good, and please don't be so quick to judge me. I really do feel strongly about the subject of predudice.

Yes, and I may have be a little rude aswell

I will only post on your site again if that is what you want.

But please understand that we REALLY both support the ANL.
We will not be reporting your site as I see that you really believe in your cause and it is not personal.You must also understand that we do NOT support the China Gateway as you think we do, because we have to drink water like you do.

I do respect free speech, although you may think I'm too PC about it. I will be happy to meet anyone, and to speak in public at minster meeting on Tuesday

The ball is in your court Bertie.


Bertie Biggles said...

Dear Gilby, thanks for your comments and yes, I respect your views and opinions as being validly held, although I might disagree with them. This is very much an open site and as soon as I am happy that the posters who are creating just too much Strife are happy to behave I will remove all monitoring measures (well, call my friend back to come and remove them!). I abhor the surveillance society we live in and do not want to be part of it. I have been in contact with the Save Thanet's Water Group and it is very much an open meeting and your views will be welcome.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon 18:32, I have in the past supported the ANL when it matters and was arrested on Margate seafront demostrating against the NF. Even when I was bound over to keep the peace I attended further demos and was even threatened with further arrest. I am listed on Redwatch and have been listed on other far right web sites, I have been threatened etc.,

As for telling Bertie "the ball is in his court" I think you should get down off your high horse and stop being such a knob and stop making a issue of it.
Bertie is not a racist you know it and I know it, full stop.

Unity is strength

Tony Beachcomber said...


Almost twenty years ago the Thanet Friends of the Earth started a campaign over the amount of nitrates from chemical fertislers leaching into our water table.

To cut a long story short some areas of Thanet will have high levels of nitrate in the water taken from the ground. Other areas will not, to counter act this I believe the SW plan was to dilute the nitrate levels down by mixing the high with the low.
If the area of the proposed site is a low nitrate level and it goes, there could be a bit of a problem.

Bertie Biggles said...

Tony, two of the team helping the campaign group are the real experts on this. My understanding is that Thanet's aquifer has always had high nitrates levels from historic seaweed manure to modern fertiliser use but there are other contaminants in it as well. It is regarded as one of the most 'at risk' aquifers in the UK and possibly in Europe and does need careful protection.

My understanding is that from time to time, as a result of rainfall or lack of it, nitrate concentrations have exceeded permissable parts per billion levels and as a result has had to mixed 'as a cocktail' with water with less nitrate levels before entering the domestic water supply. Michael at Thanetonline has put up some interesting reports on our aquifer and should be able to help if you require more detailed information.

Anonymous said...

Add to the nitrate and seaweed tonnes and tonnes of rat/mouse droppings from Charles Rivers that were stored in heaps on the loop