Monday, 14 July 2008


Before our Councillors rush into a scheme on behalf of China's Chinamex and at the same time make a great deal of money for CGP by agreeing to cover more of the UK's and Thanet's prime versatile agricultural land in concrete and threaten our water supply, they might want to consider that all may not be well in that vast country. A regular reader sent me these snippets from today's Independent written by Bruce Anderson:

'Chinese authorities admit 10% inflation..true figure may be nearer 20%. There is pressure on food prices...In recent years the Chinese populace has forgotten how to starve quietly and has learned how to complain about its government.....If the Chinese economy cooled, the heat would come out of the oil price but..Social unrest in China; a panicky, truculent government ;a sharp decline in world trade -none of that is impossible. We have all become dependent on China without thinking through the difficulties of relying on such an unpredictable partner'.

I have a caption for this picture:
「親愛的Leader,老破裂,一直不是那條相當tiddly游艇太小為Thanet委員會、委員Sandy Ezekiel和他的代理領導,委員Roger Blatchford OBE領導到風帆回到Thanet ? 是,但我後悔說綠洲香港航空公司在破產管理人職務安置了和不再飛行它的747s到Thanet "。
" Dear Leader, Old Chap, isn't that rather tiddly yacht too small for The Leader of Thanet Council, Councillor Sandy Ezekiel and his Deputy Leader, Councillor Roger Blatchford OBE to sail all the way back to Thanet in? Yes, but I regret to say that Oasis Hong Kong Airlines has been placed in receivership and no longer flies its 747s to Thanet".


Bertie Biggles said...

Could I apologise to all readers for taking down all comments on this strand.

I have been watching for a few days now, attempts to inhibit free speech on 'Strife' that have now become unacceptable.

I now understand what the paediatrician at Southampton Hospital must have felt like to return home to discover the 'mob' had smashed her windows and daubed 'pedofile' on the brickwork!
I am happy to accept argument that is balanced and reasonable and civilly put, but I am not prepared to continue allowing those who wish to stifle argument on China Gateway or other issues to call myself or others racists.

If you don't like that and feel that this is censorship, then please feel free to say so or go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

OK. Bye.