Friday, 4 July 2008


The good thing about being a neutral sort of chap with a Conservative bent, is that it enables one to listen to all sorts of gossip around the big village that Thanet is. Here's some of the gossip doing the rounds today and you can make of it what you will:
1. Thanet Earth is not advertising locally for workers but adverts have been appearing in Polish papers for the past few weeks to attract staff to Thanet Earth.
2. The fire at the closed old Currys at Westwood this evening was a case of genuine vandals setting fire to premises as oppposed to the normal standard of arson (with a motive) that Thanet seems plagued with. That corner of The Westwood Cross roundabout is to be a new Ikea or a series of Chinese businesses in a minor 'China Town' to cater for the vast numbers of Chinamex employees coming our way shortly courtesy of CGP.
3. The new building going up on the old Wickes site between Debenhams and Sainsbury's has seen a rash of Primark staff from Head Office monitoring progress and that the one shop in lower Margate High St that still attracts footfall in that neglected town is going to close and operations will move to Westwood Cross.
4. Cllr 'call me Ken' Gregory, Thanet's new Chair of Planning, has realised that hitting the keys of his PC is not a good idea when downing a few pints of 'real' ale.
5. 'Mowice', 'Our Leader' is not a good sailor and does not know a 'clove-hitch' from a 'sheep-shank' but likes his martini stirred and not shaken.
6. Developers at St.Augustine's in Westgate are so desperate to sell property in these difficult times that part-exchange and other offers are being made to sell houses there.
The urban legends abound, but experience has taught me that Thanet's village gossips sometimes pick up on issues long before our 'word-smiths' in Union Row , so don't necessarily take all the gossip with a 'pinch of salt'.


Peter Checksfield said...

I'm sure that with Primark it's just a matter of "when" not "if" they move to Westwood Cross...

Any gossip on the Royal Seabathing Hospital apartments? Work seems to have come to a standstill there...

Anonymous said...

I like flowers

Anonymous said...

no gossip peter, but that won't stop us making some up lol

Anonymous said...

Bertie being a conservative, is rather like a member of the Taleban who is also British.

Just because you don't like the leadership Bertie, it does not make you a true conservative to try to destroy the hard work of other conservatives.

You would gain more credit if you stopped kidding yourself that you are a true conservative.

I could call myself white, if I wanted to, but it would not take away the fact that I am a British Asian.

Anonymous said...

The new building going up is a BHS NOT Primark. Read the paper Bertie! It was in the IOTG months ago.

Anonymous said...

BHS/Primark same company, I think.

Anonymous said...

No they are not, Primark is mainly for smelly people,therefore more suited to Margate, where as BHS is for people that use soap and shampoo, and therefore more suited anywhere outside of Margate.

Mr Tells-it-as-it-is

Bertie Biggles said...

Peter, security men have returned to site entrance at Sea Bathing for past 2 weeks or so and some activity seems to have started again but exactly what , I don't know. The problem is that very little is being sold around Thanet at the moment and the surplus of expensive new flats waiting for buyers is in the region of 800-1000.

What is your gripe about, 11.49? And what hard work am I trying to destroy? Please keep to topic and stop repeating the same old moans about me being like a member of The Taliban. I personally haven't got a clue what a 'true' conservative is but if it means that I abandon all critical faculty and follow the creed of 'my party right or wrong' then I am guilty of not being a true conservative.

Anonymous said...

Clove hitch or sheep shank, what does it ****ing matter when there both ****ing nots!

What's wrong Bertie, gelous that i've got a big boat and you havnt!

The SS Bakander is the finest boat in the Med and theres some big buggers out here, so sod off back to Margate and leave me in piece!

Anonymous said...

I see 11.49 refering to leadership in Thanet!

I haven't laughed so much in ages!

I suggest they look up the word 'Leadership' to see what it means!

Anonymous said...

Let us consider the theory of our Council. Westwood Cross, Turnip Centre, and China Gateway are the saviours of Thanet!

Reminds me of the Emperors new clothes!

At least we have our own Peter Checksfield who can take the photos of the Council naked when they are exposed as the most incompetant bunch of idiots ever to sit as a Council!

Rick said...

anon 11.49

You clearly don't know why we made Oswald Mosley wear a sports coat and trilby old man.

Anyway I think Bertie has set himself an irrational task. To oust a hierarchy without acknowledging its sins.

A Bertie Biggles rally (Bertie in sports jacket and trilby because we outlawed political rallying in uniform)

BERTIE (waving trilby at throng)
We need young blood to replace the dinosaurs running the manor

CROWD Why Bertie

BERTIE I don't wanna say anything against them

CROWD Well tell us how you would be better then

BERTIE I cannot do that because that would trick me into saying things against the present leadership

CROWD Are you the front end of an ass Bertie ?

BERTIE Most certainly not

CROWD Are you the back end of an ass Bertie


CROWD Then you are indeed no end of an ass Bertie.

Anonymous said...

Better than being a complete ass like Rick!

Anonymous said...

You foolish people are like children.

Anonymous said...

Bertie and Rick,you need to get a life.

Bertie likes to say he is a Tory, but he hates Roger. I think bertie wants to become a Tory Councillor so he can work for Sandy as the new deputy leader.

Anonymous said...

It appears to us that Bertie is attacking anything and everything because he wants to be a the first elected mayor of Thanet when the rules change.

Did you guys know that the rules are changing so the residents of Thanet get to vote for an elected Mayor ( Leader of Council ) read all about, because it can only be done with signatures

Anonymous said...

Some Thanet residents want to campaign for a referendum giving the Isle's people the chance to decide whether they want an elected mayor.

Does it appear that the council leadership favours keeping the current council leader system, under which they were selected, and has no plans to give the public a say?

A petition of five per cent of the electorate triggers a mayoral referendum. That means 36,249 signatures are needed from the people of Thanet.

Anonymous said...

I shop at Primark and as far as i know i don't smell, do wash at least once a day. Just find it a sanctuary to shop there buy loads of clothes that satisfy fussy teenagers and dont spend much at the end of it! Even if the clothes only last for a few washes, anyone with teenagers know mothers and daughters ideas of clothes never coincide except in Primark!
Seriously Primark is the only pull in Margate for shoppers to then use the small shops still hanging on in there.

Anonymous said...

Primark is ok for people with bad taste people, but what about normal people?

Anonymous said...

Rick is thick in the middle of issues.

Anonymous said...

Ramsgate First is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-party political, non-ideological organisation. If you are tolerant and inclusive and lover Ramsgate you are welcome to support us. We need people who are hardworking, tolerant and inclusive and loyal.
Contact us on 0781 399 5016

Anonymous said...

I would class myself as normal - certainly not bad taste, just see a bargain when there is one to be had - am often complimented on my clothing and receive a surprised reaction when i say "Primark" maybe it is too young for some of you old miseries - lets leave critising Primark shall we?

Bertie Biggles said...

Rick, thanks for that rectal offering.
09.27 and others: please be assured I have no political aspirations but I do like the idea of a 'Thanet Mayor' and referendum to achieve it and when this CGP/ China Gateway matter has been resolved either way, I might just get involved with helping those trying to get a pettition going.

Primark offers fashionable clothes at cheap prices and does attract an interesting clientele of wide incomes, so lets not be rude about its customers. The important issue that 11.59 is making is that Primark is now, by default, the prime attraction for shoppers to come into Margate High St. If it moves to the Westwood area, what little footfall other businesses have going past will end. Very strong rumours indicate Primark could be moving; that is not good news for Margate.

Anonymous said...

Here, here Bertie that is the point - no separate mayor please just more of a reason for another useless politian (mainly from one party!) to charge us rate payers more money to set up a whole tier of more administration. We want the existing councillors to serve us the electors not their cronies that is the point!

Anonymous said...

We don't need an elected Mayor, Sandy is the elected leader already, and whatever you might say, he does a great job. So stick the elected Mayor ****** *********

Anonymous said...

Morning LGO, glad to see your giving your boss some support.Just let us know when he's being let of the leash again!

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be much activity at the sea bathing. I beleive they ran out of money and they had issues with the contractors who they have now changed.

All a diaster really. They will never sell whats left and its ruined Westbrook forever. Bloody developers and thanet council!

Anonymous said...

same people who have the Sea bathing also bought the Lido in Cliftonville, wonder what they are planning there - Paigle properties