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The amazing thing about China and Chinamex, is the sheer scale of operations. The Dragonmart in International City Dubai, has 2000 Chinese enterprises in lots of shops selling Chinese products such as household appliances(white goods), communications and electronic products, furniture, building materials, office ware, home-ware, clothing, hats, bags and luggage.

At the same time as they have been talking with Sandy Ezekiel, President of Thanet SEZ (TDC?) Council in Kent UK and Roger Latchfors Vice President, they have been talking with bigger fish in Bahrain, Lebanon, Mexico, Holland, Spain and the USA. When one reads of farming land being bought by China in Africa and S America, copper mines in Africa and a huge expansion of the Chinese Navy, one begins to realise that the Planet's latest Empire which is still the largest undemocratic state in the world, is set to straddle the globe and its trade in a far more effective way than The British Empire did.

Just across the Channel they are planning with Schipol Airport and ING Real Estate Group to set up Chinamex Europe Trade and Exhibition Centre (CETEC). (concept picture below)

CETEC will have exhibitions, wholesale units, warehousing and logistics centres to re-export to other EU member states and just like Dragonmart will have built in tourist site to feature Chinese culture. ING Real Estate with a planned 15% stake in CETEC makes CGP look like the minnow on the block in comparison.

What's my point? Is Chinamex really interested in just having exhibitions, wholesale and logistic operations at Manston? When will it want its 'retail' units and 'cultural' input?

Assuming that our President and Vice-President (Mowice and Wodger) in conjunction with CGP, told them on last November's visit that Thanet 'SEZ' Council wants to 'deliver' these phases, what is to prevent Chinamex assuming that other Phases can be delivered as well? Are they aware of the effect on Thanet's water supply and farmland to grow food ; with China's record on pollution would they care anyway?

Where would the other phases go? One doesn't need to look far. Imagine the site plan for Gateway and the only expansion can be towards the Manston Road and Margate Hill. Have overtures already been made to Quex Park Estates for its farmland?

Late night musings or will Westwood Cross resemble The Arlington Arcade in Margate in the not too distant future?


Anonymous said...

Are you aware that many people will think that you might be RACIST against the Chinese,Bertie?

Do you know that there are laws against discrimination ?


Tony Beachcomber said...


I have been trying to find an old Chinese proverb along the lines of "use your enemies weapon against them".

It is a fact of life that in multi national business affairs there is no quarter. All nation states would dearly love to have world economic dominance, but some economies are stronger than others.
In recent history nobody has had the capabilty to take on America both military or economicaly. But the strength of the USA is the Dollar. So what does China do. Flood the world in cheap imports, trade only in dollars and build up a trillion in reserves. It has reached a stage now that China is loaning the USA dollars and at this current rate the tail will eventually be wagging the dog.

Perhaps there could be more to this oil business than meets the eye. China has reserves to pay the highest prices and cheap labour to absorb the cost so oil can keep going up as far as they are concerned, the opec countries receive this money and buy chinese goods, so they get their money back through trade. The western economies go into recession because of the oil dependancy and cannot compete. This leaves businesses open for takeover and who steps in.

Who needs a war.

Anonymous said...

Tony Beachcomber

Thank you,

At least we know that its really about yours and Berties political views and not about water nonsense you make it out to be.

I have a concern about China, however, with a global down turn ahead of us we will be worse off if we have nothing in Thanet.

Let them come, then when we have done alright from the chinese, we can tax them to out.

Anonymous said...


You are being rather silly, my neighbours are Chinese and they share Tony's concerns, so its not about race, its about the Chinese government and the lack of decmocracy and human rights. Yes we are using the water thing, and to tell you the truth I don't think there is a problem with the water, having said that it is being looked into.

Simon R

Anonymous said...

Talking of silly things, i know its off topic a little, but this is amazing!!!

Scrub clearance work on the Downs area of Bristol has been delayed because of complaints from gay men who use the area for sex, the city council said.

The authority is concerned it could be accused of discrimination after a warning from its own lesbian, gay and bisexual advisory group.

It has suspended work on the Circular Road above Avon Gorge, which would open up the area to wildlife and visitors.

Talks are now being held to try to end the deadlock.

Anonymous said...

When I was a child and Hitler had been defeated, everyone worried that the Communists would take over the World. No-one ever anticipated the Chinese, hard-line Communists, would manage it not by the anticipated WW3, but by Economics.

At one time the World was ruled by Empires including the British then the Empire of the mighty dollar, now it's the yuan and cheap, manufactured goods. Perhaps a lot better than guns and bombs?

Rick said...

Japanese Tony 17th century Samurai strategy (Book of Five Rings) Warfare by Other Means

(1) There are timings within timings. This also applies to the rise and fall of capital. Study this well.

(If you look to yer masonic divine proportion or yer Napierian logarith or yer laws of natural growth and decay etc .. they all derive from the maths of the number 5. An economist a few years ago sort of wrote volumes on the realization that the rise and fall of capital seemed to obey Fourier maths too. There are timings withoin timings is what old Fourier sort of come up with to be applied to electrical stuff and latterly to the new welcome NHS regs securing safety of electrical supply to hospitals. And that Lucky Mags had the benefit of an a rising harmonic. IE a temporaty good timing within the fundamental not good timing ... in spite of her monetarist nonsense)

Chinese ? "Condone the Fool and Purchase the Folly". That could apply to ending up with foul drinking water.

Japanese ? "The GEneral knows his troops" "Remember that the enemy's artisan is also his soldier" Look at South Wales after billions of grant aid bringing in Japanese industry. Now the lowest skilled area in UK. With the Japs telling the Welsh "Unless yer educational standards improve inward investment will dry to a trickle"
(That is Japanese p-ss taking)

Samurai ? The strategy of the Mighty Lord in His Tower. Make him as a dove in a cot. (the strategy of the lone warrior taking on the forces of the establishment). part of this is to make the mighty lord feel secure in the derision his peasants feel for the lone warrior. The strategy makes te Mighty Lord as a peasant who derives his strength from the mob. (Recognise this one Tony)

Samurai ? two kinds of enemy kill themselves. Warriors and despairing peasants. Think well on this. For in the derision of the peasant are the seeds of his own self destruction (Nice cruel one that isn't it Tony) Those old seritonin brain chemicals of despair. This is the strategy of "Riding your enemy's blade"

Samurai ? The twofold gaze is the gaze of the warrior. Sight and perception.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Annon 9:57

When it comes to planning "because we don't want it" is not a valid planning objection.
Even though I have veiws on the Chinese State Capitalist machine. I am really concerned about our water supply.
Anyway 9:57 if water isn't such a big issue then why is there a water pumping station nearby.

Tony Beachcomber said...


no wind no waves

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You lot are afraid of the Chinese, who are lovely kind people (unless you are a dog, a cat or an independent minded human) but did not the British take over others nations. You English people are getting the same done to you.

Anonymous said...

Creating jobs for local people and attracting companies to move into one of Kent's most deprived areas are the reasons behind a unique joint venture.

Kent County Council and Thanet District Council have established the first property related collaboration between a county and a district. This innovative joint venture partnership seeks to stimulate the regeneration of Thanet and the wider east Kent economy.

It will be jointly developing and marketing their pooled property interests and creating an environment that will attract high quality companies and jobs in a phased and coordinated manner.

Maximising the potential of the combined sites will create a strong economic development catalyst for this economically deprived part of the county. Manston Park, in a prime position alongside Manston International Airport and having been under-developed for a number of years until KCC's purchase in 2006, is a prime site for business use where a number of major companies already operate.

EuroKent is a strategic site between the retail and leisure hub to the north at Westwood Cross and the new Marlowe Academy School and deprived communities to the south where the most appropriate balance between commercial and residential uses is now being explored.

Appropriate provision of utilities is being assessed and provided at both sites through the East Kent Spatial Development Company (EKSDC) to enable development and shared costs for end users. (KCC is a founder member of the EKSDC specifically established to forward fund infrastructure provision thus unlocking development site potential).

Initial work is already underway on site to prepare the ground for development. A vital new access road for EuroKent costing £5million plus is due for completion in autumn 2008.

The initial masterplan work, which promoted the need for co-ordinated planning and joint promotion of the two sites, is complete, and a small dedicated implementation team is now in place. Advisers are engaged to prepare planning, marketing and development partnering strategies.

The joint venture company is a true partnership with equal representation and assets committed to the joint venture. It will steer the development of the two sites within the broader context of emerging economic regeneration opportunities in East Kent. This includes development at the airpor; potential major inward investment in the area by Chinamex; the off-shore wind farm potential; and the Port of Ramsgate's role in the construction and maintenance.

KCC is working on a number of other projects in Thanet to boost the area. These include the major art gallery for Turner Contemporary; a £17.4million development on Margate seafront; and the East Kent Access Road (phase 2 costing around £65m) will be built to the south of Manston to ease congestion and encourage further investment.

Michael Child said...

While I have no objection to any project that brings work to this area to put an industrial estate on the farmland over our drinking water reservoir is just plain stupid, especially when we have sites like the Richborough power station site that have already been contaminated by industrial use.

You may never have been on an industrial estate, but I have and believe me you wouldn’t want lorry park drains discharging unprocessed directly into soakaways that lead to a drinking water supply. Nor would you want the Chinese or anyone else for that matter processing their industrial and sewage waste and discharging the results into the water supply.

If you have any doubts about the seriousness of the matter click here to read the Environment Agency’s views on the matter.

Bertie Biggles said...

Nice to see a start to the morning from PL aka LGO etc! Only the ignorant would read into this item, the racism card. Read what Tony is saying and think about it. The issue of Gateway is quite simply that its in the wrong place.

10.50; yes, off topic but interesting. Impartiality should apply there.

14.13, I have removed your comment because I do not like the Chinese described in that way. For the record, i am not jealous, I just don't see why they, in some strange affairs with TDC, KCC and CGP over who owns what and what price is to be paid etc at Manston Business Park ,that are still not being revealed to the public and most Councillors, should end up with Thanet's aquifer and farmland being built on.

Thanks for the 'Press Release' 14.34. Thankyou for reminding readers about the EKO LLP and leading me to ask quite simply why the Planning Authority, TDC, is joining in the 'property devlopment business' with KCC and big business when it is meant to adjudicate and decide on Planning issues fairly and impartially and without bias? You might like to offer some suggestions about what the 'ransom' strip issue is at Manston Business Park and inform readers as to actually what their TWO councils (TDC & TDC) are playing at, up there, in terms of selling what land to CGP and what they are not selling and why? How can TDC Planning make impartial decisions in this environment? I would be delighted to know.

Thankyou , Michael for the link.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Nobody objected to the expansion of Manston Airport and that's right on top of the aquifer. I can't work out why we are supposed to get all upset about a bit of rainwater running off Chinatown, when we don't care about fuel residues and de-icing agents seeping down from the runway and taxiways. I heard that cleaning up the fuel spilt from a recent aircraft crash in Canada cost a million dollars. They had to excavate thousands of tonnes of soil. I guess you wouldn't have that problem at Manston. The fuel would all trickle down through the chalk and you'd just have to work out how to supply Thanet with water when the aquifer gets contaminated. No doubt someone's done a risk assessment on all of this.....but I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

where is the 70 million gallons of water coming from to fill and restock Thanet Earth's reservoirs?
Not from Manston Aquifier I hope.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should sell the RAF to China

Anonymous said...

The RAF didn't have a thousand lorries a day thundering up and down the 299. You will see.

Anonymous said...

Make that 3,000 a day.