Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Mole minor reports that TDC Cabinet Meeting this Thursday 4th December, will be discussing the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) and changing the Local Development Scheme. It would seem that GOSE has indicated it would support changes to employment land being re-designated for housing. So the moves to put 700 houses on Eurokent seem to be going nicely and that re-designation for prime agricultural land for CGPs Phases 2 and 3 Gateway will presumably follow in due course. It does seem odd that Minster Parish Council Minutes last month refer to KCC stating that Eurokent proposals (lots of houses) could " see the possible allocation of £3,000 to all Parish Councils in Kent". Anyone interested in how Thanet is to be over-developed in the next few years should attend The Cabinet Meeting on Thursday.

The news from the burrows in Ramsgate is that a member of a certain airport group was seen in the company of a London Financier this morning in a Mercedes Benz Mclaren Sportster (basic models start at £300,000) down at Ramsgate Harbour. Overheard snippets would indicate that Boris' Airport Island was being discussed and a local view was being sought about the viability of our Kent International Airport and its grand master plans.

Cousins in Maidstone ( Talpa eurpaea plodiensis) report that Tesco bag contents still have an "ongoing investigation into circumstances surrounding the disclosure of the papers."

The Talpa Clan in Minster are reputedly concerned about the lack of progress in the planting of Community Woodland there. It would seem that Minster Parish Council has sent constant reminders to TDC that funding for this woodland was the subject of a Section 106 agreement but nothing has happened. Mole control has suggested that they contact The Montefiore Action Group who were promised over £30,000 for woodland planting in Ramsgate years ago as part of a Section 106 agreement that has still not been enforced by TDC. The probability of The Community Woodland Project in Minster being completed before 2015, if ever, seems low.

The last report has come in from other cousins in Maidstone (Talpa europaea carterensis) that the KCC Cabinet Member for Highways, Keith Ferris, 'was not aware of Chinagate development proposals". Mole control finds this hard to believe but given the fixation on making mega-bucks from building houses on Eurokent , is not surprised.


Anonymous said...

What we need to know from our little furry friends is when Pinky & Perky will jump from the sinking ship that is TDC. News of that would be the best Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

When is someone in the Press corps going to pick up on fact that the Manston proposals include land being targeted for China Gateway?

Which development will have precedence?

Or are the Council trying to see their ransom strip to both parties!