Wednesday, 18 February 2009


For those who have followed the extra-ordinary antics of Wealden District Council in its handling of the exceptional request for a house to be built for Marine Joe Townsend (Joe lost both legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan last year), the clip above has Noel Edmonds not pulling punches about Wealden Council.

You might have a fleeting thought that his comments might equally apply to KCC or even TDC with our Town Hall's new 'self- promotion' campaign -

" You said and we did what we wanted to anyway".

(My thanks to ECR for technical advice in putting up 'Strife's first 'movie' -that's of course assuming all the hieroglyphics I have put in, work!)


Anonymous said...

Full marks Bertie! The one thing that comes over loud and clear is that the Council and it's employees, are public servants!

They are elected to run the business for us! Not in spite of us, and at the end of the day, the public will decide!

The country will vote out a disasterous Labour Government, and the people of Thanet will vote out a disasterous Tory Council!

Ezeykill and his side kick can bully the rest of their councillors who have shown themselves to be spineless mouth pieces, but the public at large will have the last laugh!

Anonymous said...

23:28 - I do hope you are right. Trouble with local elections is that people do tend to vote along national party lines. That would mean being lumbered with this administration for years to come. I can just imagine Thanet eventually disappearing down a vortex of incompetancy and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Slap! Have some of that Councillor!

That is a serious putting back into place of a councillor. It was also distinctly satisfying to watch.

I also find myself agreeing that our council is in need of a similar strong talking to.