Tuesday, 17 February 2009


As many readers might be aware, Bertie has a low opinion of Our Leader 'Mauwice' resulting from a number of incidents where his behaviour has let down the Office he holds. That low opinion also extends to 'Woger', as they both seem joined at the hip. (What a strange alliance?).
However, I am re-appraising my opinion of Councillor Martin Wise, our Cabinet 'guru' for Finance at TDC. Last year I described him as 'Ezekiel's rottweiler' in a posting that I then edited and apologised for and I repeat that apology now.
Cllr Martin Wise seems to bring to TDC the qualities and experience he has as Finance 'chief' for Eurostar. Whilst his fellow Tories at KCC and KPA were unwisely continuing investment with Icelandic banks, 'Our Man' quietly moved deposits out of their clutches and saved us all a great deal of money that would have been at jeopardy. He has also got to grips at Cecil Sq with costs and I am pleased to read in The Thanet Times today that he has got his 'finger on the pulse' and that our Council Tax rise from TDC is going to be pegged at 3.99% (OK, 4%).
I am beginning to wonder why other Councillors with expertise in areas that would benefit TDC's operations are not 'engaged' actively by 'Mauwice' , like Cllr Wise is? With the exception of Cllr Wise, 'Mauwice' seems to have surrounded himself in Cabinet with 'lightweights.' (This of course is an old leadership ruse to disguise one's own inadequacies.)
I am now of the opinion that the only wise head at the top of TDC is Martin Wise. If he could be persuaded to give up his 'day-job' and take on the Leader's role, vice 'Mauwice', it might just save TDC from becoming a Labour Council in a couple of year's time. I wonder if the Labour 'Group' realise who the real threat to their sweeping success in 2011 is likely to be?


tony flaig bignews said...

I hardly think holding increases to 4% is such a miracle, had Cllr Wise strode in to the council chamber for last weeks cabinet with some heroic tales of savage economies made in Thanet's admin, you might have something to celebrate.

Rather extraordinarily Cllr Wise mentioned my name in his Budget preamble in relation to something about hard working officers, then I think there was mention about how officers had shuffled things about to produce savings, a bit like Mrs Me moving the furniture around.

When Ezekiel, Latchford and Wise start making efficiency savings then you might have something to congratulate them for.

This quote from Martin Wise shows he has the finger on the pulse "councils are always having to deliver better services for less money and we are no exception" if that's the case why are our bills going up 4%

In the real world business are fighting to survive having to cut wages, losing staff, whilst its business as usual @ TDC which it will be till such time as the last private sector worker or business man runs out of money.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and inhale ( not decafe ).

There was a time when consevatives at least paid lip service to delivering efficient services.

Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

Bertie, I fear that the 'low hanging fruit' plucked by councillor wise could have been grabbed by any if the tory front bench. Let's be honest, any rise in council tax when kcc have thrown £50,000,000 of our money out of the window and tdc have wasted an alleged £5,000,000 on an empty m&s building in the middle of a dead town, they should be dropping the increase to at least inflation, which sits at 3%. While the private sector suffers, public sector workers have cast iron pensions to look forward to, which we all pay through the nose for.

3.99% is not a calculated number either. It's a cheap trick by a cheap council.

If wise wants praise for his Icelandic actions, he should tell us the circumstances of his reasons for taking money out. I think you will find it was not his decision at all.

Anonymous said...

Hang about a bit. The reason for the 3.99% increase is because the government told local authorities the increase had to be well below 5% and the original figure proposed was, in fact, 4.5%

Cllr. Wise and his Merry Crew's ideas of getting us out of the mire include charging us to use public loos and closing many of them. So join the queue or hang on until you get home. Great idea in an area with a high percentage of elderly not to mention all those families with young children who 'can't wait until I get home', not forgetting the disabled or anyone not very mobile and any pregnant residents or visitors who need easy access to a loo.

The proposed savings are peanuts when taken as part of the budget and show that the Tories' only ideas seem to be to tinker at the edges while dreaming up a vision for twenty years time. Let's give serious thought to a vision for this year that is sensible and realistic.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I have to agree with Bignews Tony on this. Wages and costs are being forced down in the private sector, so why is a 4% increase worthy of putting the flags out?

Isn't it about time the public sector suffered in its jocks like the rest of us? Why should they get an automatic 4 or 5% bunk up every year?

Anonymous said...

Compared to most other councils in Kent Wise is doing well. And according to the paper he is already taking over a million out the budget for next year. His instincts are as hatchet man, but cuts mean loss of services. Take your pick.

Bertie Biggles said...

The Labour Group at TDC has expressed concerns for some time about staffing levels and costs. For the present FY it would seem that out of a base budget of £23million, staff costs accounted for £18 million. It has been drawn to my attention that staff savings for 2008/9 of £75,000 were not realised and yet the proposal for 2009/10 is for staff costs to be cut by £882,000! This is going to impact heavily on the senior officer structure and business support teams if achieved. What I find odd is that TDC's budget seems to allow for an extra £132,000 for yet more staff?

We are likely to see cuts in tourism (£25,000); peeing stops (5 toilets to be closed with a saving of £30,000) and the events budget is to be cut by £25,000. (Will CGP be able to up its sponsorship of 'Mauwice's Big Event'?)
Charges for having a pee in a TDC toilet are expected to bring in £12,000and do Commercial Tenants realise that TDC is looking for an extra £20,000 from them?(Recession?)Is Ramsgate Market making enough to give TDC an extra £13,000?
I hope Cllr Wise has got all of this under control or was I too precipitous in my judgement?

Anonymous said...

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