Monday, 23 February 2009


A 'friendly bear' in Ramsgate has confirmed a snippet a reader left on 'Strife' at the week-end.
We are not going to see BAWC B747s 'carrying the flag' arriving and taking off from Manston, it would seem.
We are more than likely to see Global Supply Systems aircraft currently based at Stansted.
GSS was set up in 2001 at Stansted and its principal business is providing aircraft on long term leases to other airlines (in this case BAWC). I do not understand what is meant by a 'dry' or 'wet' lease but the GSS lease to BAWC seems to be the Aircraft, Crew, Maintainance and Insurance or ACMI lease.
BAWC was Global Support Systems first customer and operates on BA's behalf scheduled services to the Far East, India, The Middle East, Europe and the USA.
What was more interesting to hear from a 'contact' though, was that it would seem that BAWC has been in discussion with Infratil at Manston for quite a few months concerning freight operations moving to Manston. If that is the case, why was TDC 'rail-roaded' into a 14 day window to get the S. 106 agreement and changes to night-flying hours?
We ended up with what could only be described as a rushed affair with Councillors having to 'adjourn' to read reports during the Extraordinary Full Council Meeting itself. Surely some questions need answering here?
Whilst supporting the controlled and careful expansion of Manston, it seems to me that the support of the local community would best be earned by sensible information provision, consultation and involvement rather than 'rushed' moves that do not inspire confidence.


DrMoores said...

In the simplest sense Bertie, a wet lease is "batteries" included; i.e. aircraft crew etc etc carrying out an operation on behalf of another carrier.

tony flaig bignews said...

Does it matter who is operating flights in and out of Manston, the fact that infratil have been talking to BAWC or anyone else for some time is of little consequence.

I would assume so long as the management of infratil are looking after the interest of shareholders they will have been in discussion with a great many airlines, so its hardly surprising that they would wait until things have firmed up a bit to contact the council.

Why would you stir up a hornets nest of airport deniers when your not sure of getting the business.

Lets face it there are a handful people against Manston just take look at the SMEG group, the chances are they could hold their meetings in a toilet cubical and not be embarrassed.

Jean said...


Unfortunately, the folk that rushed through the 106 variation are the same folk responsible for setting limits, ensuring adequate monitoring and guarding the environment against fuel and noise pollution.

Doesn't bode too well does it?

Anonymous said...

Looking at Global Supply Systems website they employ 18 ground staff and 80 pilots. Can anyone work out how that'll play at Manston if/when they operate from there?

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks, Simon. So a 'wet lease' sounds like the ACMI work for BAWC that GSS are doing at the moment.

Tony, the issue is not one of expansion which I am happy to see in a controlled and careful way, but putting the skids under TDC to get on with a decision in a ridiculously short time. Rushed and hurried decsions aren't always the best!

18.07, cannot help you with staffing figures etc but when talking to the now defunct Oasis aircrews last year, long haul craft have to have 3/4 pilots and their hours are limited, so a number of crews per aircraft seems the norm. Grease monkeys would be expected presumably to be working on one a/c at a time? Not really my field but Simon Moores is the man to ask!