Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Good news. It would seem that the jobs at Thanet Earth are now beginning to come 'on stream'.
My thanks to a reader, Anon of 15.17) who has posted on 'Peppers & Tomatoes....(2 Feb 2009).
The posting is copied below for info:
"Here are some Thanet jobs. http://www.kentstaff.co.uk/info/packers-required-for-thanet-earth-marketing-ltd/There's more on the Thanet Earth website too. www.thanetearth.com."
17 February 2009 15:17
Bertie has had a chat with Thanet Earth over at Seamark Road and it would seem that the cold weather has not delayed growing (although I dread to think of the extra heating bills) and picking will commence in late March. Pickers are recruited by the 3 firms who are running the 3 glasshouses and no-one could tell me how many pickers are being recruited but if you want a warm working environment, log your details into the portal provided on The Thanet Earth Website. No information was forthcoming on HGV vehicle movements as millions of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers leave Thanet!
Once the pickers have picked, produce is taken to a central packing station and here 'packers' pack. It would seem that 60 'packers' are needed to start work in early March. Thanet Earth tell me that the response to their website online application system has been such that advertising in local papers was not necessary.
The packers will be recruited and employed by Kent Staff Services 2000 Ltd who hold a Gangmasters Licencing Authority (GLA) Licence. Martha, in their Folkestone Office, stated that they have some applicants in Folkestone but will be in Kent Staff Services Office at 24 Bellevue Road, Ramsgate, CT11 8LE between 1000 and 1600hrs on Thu 26 Feb and Fri 27 Feb to recruit Thanet 'packers'. The rate is £5.73 per hour and no transport will be laid on to and from work.
If anyone knows more about the 'picking' situation and jobs as pickers please let me know.


Rob said...

Quality jobs, with quality wages for prospective quality employees!

Anyone know if there is a bus stop nearby? I'm bored earning +£25k a year and might look into picking tomatoes and cucumbers instead.

Anonymous said...

Will the prospect of minimum wages and no transport provided be enough to tempt the growing number of local unemployed to apply for these jobs or will they allow outsiders from Folkestone to take over? If three of the greenhouses can manage with only 50 pickers I wonder where the many promised jobs are.

Anonymous said...

Thanet Earth....Local jobs for local people.

Complete cow dung!

I live a stones throw from Thanet Earth and I applied for a position as a warehouse operative.
I thought there was a very good chance that I would be successful and thats not being arrogant.

I have over 5 years previous work experience of warehousing and logistics. I have worked for 2 of the largest medical manufacturing companies in the world where I worked hard to become a supervisor.
I also have an IC3 qualification in IT, so learning an internal database system would be a breeze.

I was told earlier today that I was unsuccessful and that I should look for alternative employment.

Thanet Earth have summed up everything people have been warning us about. No local jobs for local people.

I am more than qualified to work there and I can see the greenhouses from my window.
If I cant get a job there then good luck everyone else because I have a feeling that if your local and British you dont stand a chance.

I am disgusted!

Bertie Biggles said...

My sincere comisserations 18.59.Do you know who and where from was appointed instead?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bertie,

Unforutnately they wont disclose that information. I didnt have an interview either, I applied online and was told I was unsuccessful via E-mail.

I appologise for my rant on foreign workers, it is unfounded and unfair. Sorry.

I have sent a rather short and ill tempered E-mail asking why I was over looked.

Unfortunately I very much doubt I will be given any reason to why I was unsuccessful.

I am confused and a little angry to be honest.

Bertie Biggles said...

An understandable reaction and my best wishes for further job hunting in these difficult times.

Anonymous said...

why are they still posting at the job centre, margate ref maq/22507, listed6/3/09 at 13.09 hrs

Bertie Biggles said...

No more jobs there then? Probably getting reserves? Only 3 out of 7 glasshouses up so far. Is it the Agency still advertising for packers or is it for 'pickers'.

Anonymous said...

I have applied by email 3 times for jobs at Thanet earth and i have had no emails or letters what so ever i have 6 years experiance in this job role. To me it seems like they either dont want experiance people or there is no jobs at all.
In the end i gave up and now looking for jobs else where.

Bertie Biggles said...

Sorry to hear that, 20.57. It will be interesting to find out in due course how many Thanet people have work at Thanet Earth.