Thursday, 26 February 2009


Readers might recognise this picture of a pot-hole in Grafton Road, Broadstairs that closely resembled the gas main excavation in St Peter's.

The picture below was taken 24 hours after my post and shows that some-one who read 'Strife' was able to get some fast action. My only concern was that no running repairs were made to nearby holes at the same time!

I am afraid that lack of maintaining the surface integrity of Thanet's roads over the past few years has now caught out KCC badly this winter , after many nights where wet conditions were followed by frost. Rather than pretty coloured concrete; new tarmac on pavements and costly 'traffic calming' obstructions in the road, I would prefer to see the road surfaces maintained to a satisfactory standard.
I have counted 12 holes of various sizes that have now appeared in about 200 m of Approach Road and they have been getting noisily and shudderingly deeper over the weeks. They are not alone.
I suspect there are thousands of small pot-holes growing into serious suspension shuddering monsters, all over Thanet.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly the road has been partially resurfaced today but plenty more roads needing attention.

Bertie Biggles said...

Good news, 21.30! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you saw the item in yesterday about the survey on satisfaction with the response that the public received from Kent Highways.

62 percent are now satisfied with the response.

Cllr Keith Ferrin, cabinet member for highways at Kent County Council, said: "Kent Highways’ job is looking after the county’s 5,000 miles of roads. This survey shows that more and more people think we are getting better at it."

Maybe KCC needed to put out a bit of spin yesterday - the day of the big bonuses.

There is a big difference between being satisfied with the replies from the call centre than being satified with the state of the roads, pavements and street lights.

I wonder why the paper concerned did not pick this up. - nothing to do with the amount of Kent Highways ads they carry surely?