Wednesday, 25 February 2009


It is time for TDC, KCC and the Environmental Agency to wake up.
Readers will be unaware perhaps, that Tim Garbutt has been trying to get to the bottom of Thor's polluting activities in Thanet at its now 'closed' site on Ramsgate Road and has been consulting with and asking questions of The Environment Agency.
Please visit where Michael Child has linked to information released by the Environment Agency. The information makes harrowing reading.
Simply put, we still don't know the extent of pollution of the ground at this site and we don't know the extent of the pollution of the aquifer (which provides much of our drinking water) because the 'plume' of contamination would appear to be running northwards away from any extraction boreholes. The identified pollutants are highly toxic.
I find this situation alarming and the focus given to this whole issue in the past 6 months by Rick Card, Micheal Child and Tim Garbutt does them credit. I think that those who have accused them of being eccentric 'sad cases' might do well to rethink their opinions of them.
Thank goodness, Thanet has some who are not motivated by greed , personal gain or political expediency but by altruistic motives in bringing to our attention matters of very serious concern to the environment we all inhabit; Planet Thanet!
I urge our Councillors to get themselves aquainted with pollution in Thanet caused by 'industry' providing 'jobs' and to catch up with the serious issues we face because of lax attention in the past. What seems to have happened is a lack of 'monitoring' and 'enforcement' caused by ignorance or lack of 'political' will.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bertie.

I have emailed Michael copies of correspondence that I am doing. This is about the oestregen receptor irreversible binding effect of cyclohexanone. My wish is to raise expert epidemiliogical study especially as Thanet is said to have double the average rate of ectopic pregnancy.

I asked Michael to take this forward if and when the experts find merit in the questions I pose. This is because this is a real human issue not best served by the combative style of my blogging history as "Rick". And because I feel that Michael carries the gravitas to carry such issues to the public.

On the matter of my broader concerns the Chief constable silence position has crumbled ever so slightly after the recent Cabinet security fiasco involving bogus former SAS man James Shortt.

A tabloid's defence correspondent has emailed me to express interest.

Chief constable has delegated to Chief Supt Hogben Thanet to investigate and respond re Mr Shortt's historical use of the recreation facilities at Deal Royal Marines Barracks to teach Close Quarter Battle courses to gullible paying members of the armed forces and police. Police on his courses are said to have paid to be trained in pistol skills.

People are easily deceived that time removes the improtance of such matters.

This perception is wrong.

We now live in an age that recognises "Institutionalized Racism" as a reality.

In August 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry into a range of matters including military fantasists, paramilitaries, firearms law enforcement, Deal Barracks security warnings and bombing, sabotage of Petbow generators.

When I asked Jack Straw to compel the inquiry called for by KPA I made 12 specific allegations against Kent Police.

Complaint Ten Quote

"The provision of succour to paramilitaries or military fantasists in East Kent area via lax firearms certificate admin and exemption from investigation under Prevention of Terrorism, Explosives or Firearms legislation"

Complaint Six Quote

"Refusal to record crime complaints or investigate sabotage of emergency power generators on keypoints like hospitals ..."

Jack Straw refused to compel inquiry.

At issue in the generators matter was an Inquest into the death of a child in 1995 in post op ICU at Guys. The death occurred when Petbow equipment failed and cut power to life support. The Coroner held an inquest without once determining that "MVA" is a power rating not the name of a manufacturer (his basis for exempting Petbow from inquest inquiry). I think you would find that this Coroner at Southwark was about to sit on the final Stephen Lawrence inquest.

I also think that Jack Straw wanted a Section 13 appeal against that Coroners Court (Fraud, Insufficiency of Inquiry and Irregularity of Proceedings) like he wanted a hole in the head. As a High Court appeal would be bound not only to compromise the Lawrence case Coroner but also Kent Police who happened to be the force conducting inquiry into Met handling of the Lawrence case.

One issue re Deal Barracks that Kent Police failed to address was gun supply to far right and expuslions from BNP in Deal area. That line of inquiry properly pursued would have been bound to look at known suspects for such gun running IE The Clifford Norris family who were the media accused in the Lawrence case.

To my mind Jack Straw had a Sacred Cow the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. Was Doreen Lawrence a member of the Socialist Worker Party or sympathetic to their IRA supportive position against the "British oppressors"

To protect the Lawrence Inquiry from any critical scrutiny, especially in High Court, all Straw had to do was deny justice to eleven Royal Marines and one child patient who died in post op ICU when Petbow equipment cut power off the hospital.

Complaint ten has just come home to roost because of Mr Shortt and the cabinet security breach. I won't hold my breath waiting for Mr Hogben to stray into the matter of the other eleven complaints.

Private Eye ran a report re Mr Shortt recently. Which is why I thought ECR locally would want to pick up that baton and run with it.

Tim needs to check out that South Africa Police file re the murders of Thor managers ? Their prime suspect is Mossad. Red Mercury real or myth ? Supplying nuclear trigger materials to Saddam true or false ?

Questions about deceptions and intelligence on Saddams alleged WMD capability. Perhaps Jack Straw's ex boss Tony Blair don't want too many questions asked there.

That would be Tony Blair who in 2005 passed the Petbow alleged sabotage matter to the Northern Ireland Office ....

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

The thunder god went for a ride,
Upon his favourite filly,
"I'm Thor", he cried
The horse replied,
"You forgot your thaddle, thilly".

Michael Child said...

Rocky in my own way, don’t worry, not a bit, short curly yes experto credite