Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Let me start with the Iraq War and Blair's sycophantic relationship with George Bush that led to the British Armed Forces being sent to Iraq without proper equipment and with no political plan in place for the 'occupation'. I am presently reading 'The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder' by an eminent US attorney called Vincent Bugliosi. In light of Jack Straw's decision to suppress release of Cabinet Documents from 2003 (roll on a Public Inquiry) Bugliosi makes an interesting point that Bush ignored the 'Famous Downing Street Memo'. These were minutes from a pre-invasion Cabinet Meeting that quoted Sir Richard Dearlove describing his meetings in the US; " Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the Intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy". The question is why did Blair then mislead Parliament about the '45 minutes' and an imminent threat?
Whilst I have sympathy for some-one with terminal cancer, let us be realistic for a moment. Jade Goody is not only lacking in any talent other than self publicity but she was seen by millions to be the worst type of arrogant racist on 'Big Brother'. Have we forgotten that her bile against a talented, educated, charming, sophisticated and highly succesful actress was driven by the base idea that the crude, ignorant, uneducated Jade was superior because she was 'white'? This woman has become a member of Britain's new, wealthy and worthless 'aristocracy' on the basis of notoriety and 'celebrity'; not for talent, ability or philanthropism. Our media, with our support has created this travesty of 'greatness' where a wedding to a criminal who assaulted another with a golf club is now an 'iconic moment' worthy of a £700,000 cheque and the support of a British Prime Minister!
I remember with utter disbelief that a murder victim, Stuart Lubbock, could be found floating face down in a swimming pool with injuries of physical and sexual assault with blood levels of alcohol and drugs at a private party in Mar 2001 and no less than 8 years later, no-one has been found responsible. This beggars belief and the fact that Essex Police have been found to have failed in their duty in so many areas worries me. Was their investigation lax due to the 'celebrity' status of the party holder combined with a desire not to be seen to be 'homophobic'? We need the same rigorous enquiry as ocurred in the Lawrence murder.
I am ashamed to live in a country where an Animal Rights 'bomber' gets 10 years for actually setting off bombs and yet misguided and fortunately inept Muslim Fundamentalists are awarded 30 year prison sentences for just contemplating acts of terrorism. Add to this the fact that our Government not only allowed the US to subject a 'British Resident' to improper arrest, detention and 'rendition' but would now seem to have been compliant in his torture and mis-treatment. I am delighted that Binyam Mohammed has at last got back to the UK with all charges dropped by the US i.e. he is an innocent man. His story, when he tells it should shame us all.
Have we sunk so low under almost 12 years of Blair and Brown that we now have a distorted perception of worth, integrity and morality or would this situation be the same under any Government.?


Matt B said...

I'm not sure how much we could blame Tony (who, like Sandy, seems to be in it for his carrier rather than because he gives a ****) but culturally we do have a lot to answer for.

I too am baffled that anyone gives that particular young woman so much attention. I'm better looking and have an interesting and slightly odd character - can I have £700,000 and some public endorsements please?

As for the mistreatment of citizens don't even get me started. That sort of treatment makes me very cross to put it mildly.

Anonymous said...

you should be ashamed to put a comment on this blog about jade
jade is a brave lady and only looking after the intrests of her sons and is helping women to go to there doctors to have check up for this problem
this will be the last time i visit
your site until now your site gave healthy debate but now i feel sorry for you and your comments on this subject

Bertie Biggles said...

21.04, you are entitled to your opinion and I regret to say we must beg to disagree. There are ,sadly, many young women dying of cervical cancer every day who also try to do their best for their children but please ask yourself what has really motivated Jade Goody in this matter of her illness? Has it really been a desire to support Cancer Charities who do such valuable work from research to terminal care?

Bertie Biggles said...

'Secret Squirrel' of 19.57 (you posted on 'Weep with me for Margate). Thanks for your posting and the information contained in it which I have noted. However, as the allegations you make are so serious and potentially libellous, could I urge you to place evidence of the concerns you have, with the appropriate authorities or with Kent Police. I have had to decline posting your comments but share all your concerns.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I do feel sorry that Jade's life will be cut short by her disease, she did ignore a test that showed abnormalities. Perhaps the outcome might have been different had she taken the necessary steps. If it encourages women to have tests and follow up on the result, then something good will have come out of all this.

On the matter of her celebrity, I find it sad that young men and women think becoming a 'celeb' is a career. It's like young girls who think being a WAG is something to aspire to. When you think how women have fought for the right to have an education, enter the professions, enter politics, do good in social work, I find it sad that so many don't try to achieve or in any way reach their potential. Jade has done well, in financial terms, for a poorly-educated woman from a dysfunctional home thanks to reality tv but don't get me started on 'dumbing down tv'. That's for another day.

Anonymous said...

I Agree with anon 21:04.
Yes she is poorly educated but that is why she is trying to get as much money as she can for her sons,so they have a good education.Wendy Richards was in hospital at the the same time as miss goody and gave her support and understanding,I am amazed you include this poor girl along with those other wicked people bertie..