Tuesday, 10 November 2009


What the 'Ferrymen' have to say:

“Euroferries regrettably has to delay the launch on the 14 November launch due to events outside our control.

“Euroferries has promised to resolve this matter swiftly, allowing the service to commence as soon as possible. A further announcement will be made shortly.

“All bookers affected will be contacted by email for a full refund and will be offered a free upgrade to first-class on future bookings when quoting a previous booking number for an alternative date of travel.

“As advised, all reservation monies are held in escrow.
“Euroferries apologises for any inconvenience caused.”

Well, this news does not surprise the team at Strife. This is the 3rd non-appearance of Euroferries in Ramsgate but who is to blame?
Our own team watching Ramsgate, since last week, has reported that the media are pursuing the story with Glenn Campbell and Inside-Out team from BBC South-East in Ramsgate yesterday and today and Saul Leese of The Gazunder sniffing around this morning.
Meanwhile TDC and 'Woger' are in silent mode with 'No comment' being the order of the day.
It's nice that Fred Olsen seem happier to talk to Strife investigators. Their legal department said this morning that Fred Olsen doesn't lease fast cats, which was interesting and a few minutes ago Fred Olsen staff in Santa Cruz confirmed to me that The Bonanza Express 'eez still in the 'arbour' but could not tell me why it was not on its way to Ramsgate. 'You will ave to talk with Euroferries about what is going on'. They seemed to think it was going elsewhere and could not confirm whether it had EUROFERRIES painted on it.
I am concerned that not only has Thanet been let down by Euroferries but it would appear that many who have booked for holidays will also be let down. Will they get their money back? If any reader has booked and is awaiting repayment, I am sure our local press and the BBC would be delighted to hear from you.
Is this a TDC cock-up or is it down to Euroferries? How much has this ongoing saga cost Council Tax payers in expenses, travel, phone calls, letters, meetings and TDC Officers' time. Did TDC really carry out a full 'diligence' check into Euroferries?
I hope this will be the end of the saga and that the Bonanza Express has a happy and lucrative future perhaps with Fred Olsen in calmer, warmer climes. Clearly the treacherous and stormy waters in these parts need a special breed of ferrymen.


Thanet Observer said...

Surely if you can make one call and find out the Fast Cat is still tied up in a far off harbour..then TDC officials in charge of overseeing the Euroferries saga must also be able to get that rather important information too.

Surely they can't be sat on Ramsgate cliff top with binoculars watching...waiting...hoping...

I trust they will be seeking compensation/recovery of our money spent already on this venture should the ferry not turn up at all, which seems likely by what Fred Olsen said.

Michael Child said...

Bertie did you ask Fred why he let them paint Euroferries in 3 metre high lettering on the side of his ship, do you think there is something a little incongruous in this, perhaps he was the victim of some sort of graffiti attack.

Nope sorry we don’t lease our ferries just don’t some how tie in with the preparation work, he is a business man and not a charity what benefit would there be for him to have this vessel sitting around doing nothing when it could be making money?

Bertie Biggles said...

The problem with the painting Michael is which paint job? It was painted in summer and then painted off again. The pic on Euroferries web-site shows the summer painting and the pic above was after it was painted out. If your pics at the week-end were of the re-paint (and not from summer's paint job)then are we likely to see it painted out again? I suspect there is more to be revealed about this saga. It is getting as good as Euroferries and The Ontario boat a couple of years back. Same cast!

It might soon be time 'Observer',to put an FoI request to TDC concerning costs.

Anonymous said...


You might be interested to know that whilst the Press Release was today it is dated the 3rd !

It could just be that it was prepared in case .....

Bertie Biggles said...

Little slips like that 17.46 can be illuminating. Where can the press release be accessed so that 3rd Nov date can be seen?