Saturday, 28 November 2009


The third but different glossy from The 'Ezekiel' Party party arrived through the  letterbox this morning amid rumours that 'Our Leader' , no less, was out and about in Dane Valley Ward , 'mob handed'  (his MP and even 'Wannebe Worrow included) and if rumours are correct,  his selected candidate Ingrid Spencer.  At least she will now know where Dane Valley Ward is.
I am amazed at the collective claims by some of the candidates!

Well if Ingrid introduced wheelie bins to my part of the Ward she must have done this before May 2007 and it doesn't say much that they only arrived earlier this year. As for improvement to street cleaning claimed by 'Your Ezekiel Council ',  Bertie's neighbours took 6 weeks of badgering TDC in May to get the road cleaned ONCE this year; deteriorating standards of street cleaning is the reality but we live in the world of 'New Speak'.
I was unaware that we had a secretive 'Trinity Research Centre' in Dane Valley Ward that was backed by 'Your Ezekiel Council'. (See pic above)
Members of the 'Strife' team scurried around the ward, tripping over Ezekiel Party and Labour Party canvassers and leafleteers, looking in vain for this worrying research centre. Edna our tea-lady came to the rescue:
" Mr Biggles, i fink that centre thing that Mr Ezekiel's Council is talking abart  in that leaflet is The Holy Trinity Church Resource Centre'; not a bleedin Research Centre! Just shows you, dunnit, how they carnt even get that right. Just shows that they are just  wot Mr Ezekiel called that nice mayor at The Winter Gardens."

I did try to tell her that there are still some genuine Conservatives in TDC and that they are not all necessarily the same, but she wandered off muttering something rude under her breath.


Cllr. Clive Hart said...

Don't often comment but during my weekend surf of the blogs this made me laugh out loud!

So last minute Cllr. Ezekiel & Co say we have a Research Centre in Dane Valley, just like the Liberal is fixing Irvine Road. Neither exist in reality of course, but then what would they know - they only ever visit the place at election time.

As a local resident yourself Bertie, you will know that our Local Labour team deliver a regular newsletter to all 3,000+ homes several times a year, every year, and that we have done so for well over six years now.

As our Local Labour action team motto says 'not just at election time'.

Anonymous said...

Hold your ground, hold your ground!

Sons of Thanet, of Margate, my chosen ones! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our expenses and do our best for the good of Thanet, but it is not this day.

An hour of woes and shattered promises, when our designs and promises to friends come crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight!

By all that you thank me for, and all that I have on you all, I bid you stand, Kittens of the East.

The rallying speech of our Leader the Eze-kill.

With apologies to Tolkein!

Anonymous said...

Berts some hot news straight into your hands!
Apparently "our leader" is only offering to depart if he can name his successor - none other than his former adversary Bob Bayford, who he hopes will keep up the aims of the Ezekiel rather than Conservative party!(not sure what you have to do to become friend rather than foe - that must be a mystery in itself?)
So now it is down to the democrats left in the local party to try to force an election within the party of a true Conservative type as opposed to a crony!Someone with a bit of credibility who can restore your faith and many others locally in Thanet Conservatives? Interesting times ahead?

Anonymous said...

Berts Ingrid Spencer was so useless and unknown in Westgate that they then elected the chairman of the residents association as an independant - at least he lived in their ward and went to local residents meetings and worked in their own interests and did not just sit at cecil Square ordering big white elephants for street cleaners that we all had to pay for !

Anonymous said...

Ingrid only needed to ask on of other incumbent ward councillors and County councillor the correct spelling - Mike Jarvis holds surgeries up at the Trinity Resource centre - can't be much communication with him can there? Mind you he isnt in the "in crowd of the Ezekiel party" he was pushed off the planning committee for voting against our leaders' behest!
Oh for good tories - where are you?

Bertie Biggles said...

Some interesting snippets, Anon of 20:57, 20.59 and 21.18. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

21:18 I know a small handful of good Conservative councillors, but they are relegated to the back benches while the Ezekiel mafia hold sway. There was a good councillor in Westgate, but he seems to have sold his soul for a front bench position, such a pity.

(Perhaps there is a Trinity Research Centre where they are cloning little Ezekiel followers - now that would make a good horror film.)

Anonymous said...

14.01 please don't give the man ideas he might just take you up!
Unless the conservatives become all non-mafia types it might be time to have a "Put Thanet first!" independant party - want to lead it Bertie?
"Public service to the people of Thanet"should be the motto - same cannot be said of the current Ezekiel party - their motto has to be "make sure we help our friends and then they can help us!"

Bertie Biggles said...

20.34, no leadership aspirations but a loose 'alliance' of independent candidates, who want to break the 'mould' in Thanet and then gearing up next year in prep for 2011 does have some appeal.

Anonymous said...

Ingrid Spencer....what is an Ingrid Spencer?

Anonymous said...

The reason for the vacancy in Dane Valley was due to Cllr Broadhurst resigning as being "away" althoguh I understand he still did his ward work - supposedly the same now for Cllr Ward who is I read away for 3 months! - Pot and kettle come into mind.

Anonymous said...

Bob Bayford got unceremoniously dumped as Deputy Leader for having the temerity to stand against Ezekiel as happened to Jo Gideon recently.

Bob Bayford is now a county councillor, an easier ride, I would think, than being Leader of TDC so why would he want to follow Ezekiel here?

Bertie Biggles said...

09:34, Pray tell us more about Cllr Ward and his absence from Thanet?