Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Well what are we all to make of a Press Release dated 3rd November shown below?
Is a simple chap like Bertie to understand that Euroferries had issued a Press Release a week ago, saying that this coming Saturday's sailing (14th Nov) out of Ramsgate was not going to happen and no one was given it? Was there any info on their web-site a week ago? Did they stop taking bookings a week ago?
I for one, have had enough of dis-information over this whole ferry business. This ferry service has been hailed by and expected by, our Thanet South MP, TDC, The IOTG, many local traders and businesses since the beginning of this year and expectations have been dashed time and time again. The enthusiasm for Euroferries and the arrival of The Bonanza Express has been boundless and at times beyond what common-sense dictates!
Sorry, TDC and Cllr 'Woger' but a 'no comment' today is just utterly unacceptable!
We expect and should get a clear statement from Our Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Regeneration and Economic Development (let alone recent responsibility for Ramsgate Harbour), about this whole issue. Perhaps 'Woger' needs to be aware that rumours are circulating that Euroferries did not get Bonanza Express on its way because he and TDC were incapable of organising and sorting the harbour and facilities out, despite bonds having been placed, monies paid to TDC and legal agreements having been signed. If this was not the case, then he should say so and tell TDC's electorate exactly what has happened and why it has all gone wrong, yet again; he does after all represent us all in Thanet as Deputy Leader, doesn't he?
There are a number of players in this fiasco and whose fault is it that yet another start has been delayed: Euroferries (and their financial backers)?; Gare Maritime in Boulogne?; Fred Olsen Ferries? or 'Woger' at TDC? or could it be Somali Pirates?


Anonymous said...

Woger answers to no one!

Do you actually think that he cares about the people of Thanet?

He has his nose in the trough, and will not budge an inch while his mentor and collegue Easy-kill holds the reins.

In any other District Council, criminal investigations would be undertaken, but in Thanet! Business as usual!

Anonymous said...

To all Pirates

Avast landlubbers and prepared to be boarded this Saturday morning.

Message ends

Cherry Blood-letting, Sec to the Pirates

date 3 Nov 1709

Anonymous said...

message from the Pirates

The Cowboys are coming we repeat the Cowboys are coming?

Arrrrrrrrrrrvast there yer Landlubbers and stand by to repel boarders - and Cowboys Arrrrrrr?

Anonymous said...

IT will be of no surprise to see all involved in the fiasco to appear on the wall of watchdogs rogue traders shortly

Adem said...

This is all very interesting and unfortunately I'm keeping my head under the radar for the moment. I've been getting plenty of emails though and am forwarding visitors this way so keep up with the investigative reporting.

Bertie Biggles said...

09:48, they may have a different programme shortly, dedicated to them!

However, it would appear that people are being notified that their refunds are in hand and bookings are being taken from 26 Nov for an early start from Ramsgate.

This is correct and proper conduct so far, so an appearance on Watchdog's Wall would be inappropriate and unfair. They may be demonstrating how not to set up a Ferry Service and not build up customer confidence but ineptitude and missed deadlines are not really issues for Trading Standards!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sorry this has nothing to do with this blogg but are there any updates on eastcliff richard seems very wierd even his twitter blocked ???????

Bertie Biggles said...

19.46, i suspect ECR is wisely taking a low profile at the moment. He has done so in the past butI am sure he will bounce back in due course.