Thursday, 19 November 2009


What interesting pics we have been shown this week by Adem (Big Blog) of ticket booths on backs of lorries and by Michael (Thanetonline) of the same ticket booths placed on the deck in Ramsgate. Are we to assume that having missed 3 deadlines to start the service from Ramsgate -Boulogne, Euroferries have convinced TDC that they will be starting their service soon? Unlike our own Isle of Thanet Gazette, who reported last week that the service was due to start TODAY, it would seem that Strife reporters can only book at the earliest for next Thursday (26 Nov). I am sad to say that such is the scepticism in the 'Strife' nerve cell, that no-one has actually booked a crossing yet. Can you blame them?
Having sent a 'pirate' to Boulogne I can show you pictures of the new Casino on the Gare Maritime in Boulogne together with the LD Lines notices stating that they have 'buggered off ' to the rather swish new 'Hub' Terminal at Boulogne; presumably leaving the rather tatty Gare Maritime to Euroferries?

Sources tell me that TDC have had booths and kit for some time to place on the deck at Ramsgate but clearly didn't put them down in readiness for the previous EF grand starts of March?, August? or 14 Nov. So has TDC now received some money up-front to put facilities in place?
I leave you with news that Euroferries has issued yet another 'press-release' today. Its all rather vague and with the BE still in Santa Cruz, Bertie is not surprised that EF are being pretty un-informing. I thought you issued a 'press release' when you actually had something to say? Clearly not, as far as EF are concerned: make of this important news what you will:
For immediate use

Euroferries back on track
Euroferries would like to apologise for the delays that have occurred in
bringing their fast ferry service to the ports of Ramsgate and Boulogne.
The company would like to reiterate that all passengers that had booked and
were affected by the delay have been fully refunded and offered a free
upgrade to first class on future bookings.

Euroferries travel service looks forward to delivering unrivalled crossing
times and superb facilities for the channel crossing including free European
8 day travel insurance.

A further Press Release will be made soon.

For booking information please go to the Euroferries website at:
For customer service please call: 0844 414 5355

What worries me is this from Euroferries website at :
"Euroferries IS (my capitals) the leading fast ferry operator on the English Channel between Ramsgate and Boulogne. With our high speed wave piercing catamaran, ‘The Bonanza Express’ we provide the fastest crossing available of only 75 minutes."
What an amazing claim to make when you have not even had a ferry you own/lease /rent , cross the 'ogin' from Ramsgate to Boulogne yet! Is this not a mis-leading statement? Is this not worthy of complaints to Trading Standards or The Advertising Standards Authority?


Roger the Cabin Boy said...

The booths are nothing to do with Eurof*****s. They are replacements for the existing booths which got damaged.

Bertie Biggles said...

Thanks, 23:07. Are we to assume these were for TransEuropa then?

Anonymous said...

Given the amount of pot holes in and around the car and passenger approaches they (the kiosks)could easily fill the holes in.

In fact the Pirates even thought of mooring the good ship Venus in one,
(a puddle that is)

Anonymous said...

When they return the ticket money paid do they also refund the 2.5% paid by the client for using a credit/debit card (only way to book).

Also anyone know if an 'escrow' account earns interest and who would benefit ?

Anonymous said...

Euroferries are as likely to arrive as TDC are to balance the books.
Please show your support for the port cafe by emailing and telling him not to pick on people trying to make an honest crust.

Anonymous said...

Bacon butties all round perhaps the boys in blue can have a word with some of those in new shag pile offices in Margate to stop bullying small businesses.

Anonymous said...

It's Richard Samuel not Samuels but yes, by all means, support the widow running a business who is being pushed out in favour of another lessee. Unfortunately her name is, I understand, not on the lease.

Bertie Biggles said...

Antonio commented yesterday on another posting from March, so I have brought it here:

antonio said...

the "Bonanza Espress" is still docking in Tenerife Canaries waiting for "NEWS" from Euroferries.
22 November 2009 12:09

Anonymous said...

Who is the new lessee a friend of a friend of someone who works at the council i think we should be told. Has the lease been advertised i haven't seen it in the paper.

Bertie Biggles said...

22.57,a member of the team is looking into this issue as might well be the press. The simple facts so far would appear a husband died who was the leaseholder whilst his widow had run and built the business. When she applied to take over the lease, which would have required her to meet aadditional legal costs by TDC, TDC has declined to do so. Rumour is that an established user of the port has expressed an interest. Whilst TDC may be entitled to not transfer a lease to a widow in such circumstances, it does seem callous in the extreme.

Anonymous said...

The likelihood is that it wasn't a lease only a licence.
Dirty dealings afoot after the cafe was rescued and the business was built up. Perhaps Roger could help the damsel in distress. Adrian had many friends who would hate to see his widow stitched up by TDC.