Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Having seen ECR tonight ( www.eastcliffrichard.blogspot.com) and the news that Euroferries might not be starting until March 2010, Bertie tried to book a Bonanza Express crossing on their website. All dates from Nov 2009 to end of Feb 2010 came up with the same response - 'no sailing available'.
However the site shows 1st March 2010 has a crossing available!
I wouldn't want to move the BE across the Bay of Biscay at the present time but one does need to ask the question as to whether Fred Olsen's reported deadline was met and are we to see the BE have its Euroferries logo painted out again? It seems odd that this saga will have rattled on for a year by the time we hit March 2010. The Euroferries saga with Spirit of Ontario and the town of Rochester, USA went on for almost as long.
In the meantime, Gusseppe (pictured above) down at Ramsgate, has a new sign. " Don't be let down for that short Christmas Break by Euroferries - Guiseppe's will get you to Boulogne sooner than they will, even if you have to help bail out !"

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slow boat to china!!!