Thursday, 24 April 2008


DV8 (and presumably the closed Tivoli) has had signs up saying 'under new ownership and new management'. I suppose its a way of saying if you have a gripe against the 'old firm' don't come near us with petrol!
Simon Moores writes this week in YourThanet, implying that scroats on holiday from school and not a professional using accelerant with the nearest response Fire appliance and crew in Garlinge, were responsible for Scenic's ashes. He didn't pick up on the 'miffed'tones from Waterbridge spokesmen, captured by Thom in IOTG, about TDC's insistence on a renovation or culmpulsory purchase. Whilst stressing a positive forward direction for Dreamland, I couldn't understand why Simon Moores then extols the way forward as being the repair of a museum piece surrounded by old tacky rides and called a Heritage Amusement Park? Isn't that what caused the demise of Dreamland in the first place?
Whilst sniffing around using Google I found this quote to The Select Committee on Communities & Local Government on 18th October 2006: " The future of the Dreamland site was the major issue facing the the town (Margate) as its regeneration could act as a catalyst for regeneration of the rest of Margate." Mr Frank Thorley.
Did he realise at the time that he was almost quoting exactly the Independent Planning Inspector who was ignored by TDC? No mention of TC.
Two snippets of interest here. Last Autumn, Mr Wills' developers bought another 73 acres of farmland, outside the Thanet Plan area for 'jobs' development down by Manston and this has been included in the massive Gateway Project and will require the Planning Committee to ignore one of it's directives to 'preserve agricultural land in Thanet'.(Is that an oxymoron?)
Not only will we go hungry as agricultural land is covered in concrete but we will also go thirsty. The Gateway sits slap on our major aquifer. Let me quote from those people at The Environment Agency: " The site lies in Source Protection Zone 2 & 3 for Sparrow Castle public water supply. Therefore potable supplies are at risk from activities at this site". How much clean rain water from the sky will percolate into the aquifer if you cover the catchment area in concrete, is not the question being considered? What does Southern Water think abut this project?
It was with horror that I realised that 'Happy St George's Day' was Bertie's 100th posting. I am getting fatigued waiting for Thanetonian and Thanetlife to resume business, so get on with it guys please. Rick (aka 'annoying bloke') has made his 7th contribution 'off-topic' but we are a tolerant team at Thanetstrife so be equally tolerant please.


Anonymous said...

But do potential inward investors contact Rick as part of their potential workforce research ?

Then decide not to risk setting up in Thanet ?

He says that there has been sabotage of manufacture in the area consistent with Stage Three of the IRA Sean Garland Plan.

And that police, trades unions and employers in the area have failed to obey their obligations at law.

So the matter is unresolved.

I think that has cost the area 1500 new manufacture jobs so far.

Anonymous said...

Why has the planning application got so much about soil testing? Is that in case we end up eating it?

Bertie Biggles said...

I will go and take a closer look, 18.10 but it is my expereience that this is normally a device to down-grade the quality of the agricultural land about to be built on. For example, an outcry over Grade 1 land can be avoided if it has been downgraded to 2or3. If my memory serves me well, The Cummins plot, prior to building on was described by TDC Councillors, 11 years ago as 'scrubby wasteland'! The quality of agricultural land can be altered by good management practice but this eludes the 'Urban Fixated' members of TDC.