Monday, 21 April 2008


The picture above is of the wonderful new 'kiddies' playground TDC are putting up in Dane Park and I must say that TDC are doing a wonderful job here. It is not yet completed and had temporary fencing around it.

However, over the week-end, quite large numbers of of our 'feral scroats' have paid a visit to this play-area and the mindless damage to the fencing, equipment and generous scratching and grafitti makes me despair. I suspect that the officers at TDC responsible for bringing this project to fruition are equally disheartened.
Despite my tirade last week about being snooped on, TDC needs some RIPA powers to tackle this and a touch of discrete surveillance by web-cams hidden in trees is called for. If you click on pictures you can see names that might be known to our local Community Wardens and PCSOs.


Ian J said...

The usual Thanet Scum Bags.

But of course mummy's little pet wouldn't do that sort of thing, he's a little darling.

Although it's pointless bemoaning this sort of thing, chances are neither the scum bags or their parents either have the intelligence to know what they do is wrong or more probably, lack a reading and writing ability that goes beyond scribbling their name on a flat surface.

and they wonder why little Bill, Billie, Lucy, Colette, Jodie, Derrick, Will, Ollie, Reece, Sam, Dale, Steven or Dixon are never going to get more than two stars from McDonald's.

To the failed parents of these children:

Your kids are trash, and don't blame the schools or the government, it's your fault, take the blame and accept the responsibility and do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Check out Le Thanet Times for pictures of some of the buggers.