Friday, 4 April 2008


Sorry about the sepia colour but this view of the back gardens of Downs Road and Pegwell Road was taken with an old 'Brownie' last summer as The Lord Flashheart swooped low over Ramsgate in his Gypsy with yours truly hanging out of the cockpit. As I reported on 14th March, (Great Graden Grab) Lillybrook Developments wanted to put a large number of houses in the back- gardens and thie plans are shown below.
The members of TDC Planning Committe have dismissed the application and a message has been sent out by TDC that it will not treat Thanet's gardens as 'brown-field' sites. A big community protest with Ward Councillors right behind them would appear to have convinced our Planning Members to act correctly.
I am glad that 'commonsense' has prevailed and that Lillybrooks, Ms Smith of 2 Downs Road and Mr &Mrs Kirkaldie of 169 Pegwell Road have not been able to make 'ooddles' of cash by ruining other people's enjoyment of their homes and gardens.


sue said...

Excellent! Could the tide be turning?

Anonymous said...

Lets hope so. Could this be the line drawn in the sand at last?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how a certain Tory candidate is claiming she stopped this development. I thought it was down to the ward councillors, the MP and a great deal of effort by locals. Is this the same Tory candidate who single-handedly got CCTV for the Newington Estate despite never having attennded a meeting there or been in touch with residents and the councillors.

bertie biggles said...

Aspiring politicians have to have bandwagons to jump on I suppose!