Thursday, 17 April 2008


I think it was Mark Twain who came up with that quote first and it seems appropriate this morning. A close look at the picture ( a good example of 'ironic G'?) perhaps says it all.

Firstly, during the past 10 years we have seen the greatest wave of immigration in the country's history and have repeatedly been told by our Government that its good for the economy because of the net contribution made. We then have a Select Committee of The House of Lords report that this is not the case. We were even misled by Government about numbers involved either incompetently or deliberately so.

Earlier this week, despite Chief Constables moaning about the huge costs of interpreters to deal with immigrant offenders a few months ago, we are told that immigrants are not responsible for increases in crime and are no worse than home grown felons. This is now being disputed. All I wonder is why 10% of locked up felons are foreigners?

The NHS has never been better we are told but how many readers had or still have problems getting on an NHS dentist's list? I certainly did, but now I am one of the lucky ones. It would appear that half of the people of this country are unable to access an NHS dentist and after years of dental health improvement, the state of the nation's gnashers is in decline.

Is there anyone who believes the 'official' rate of inflation anymore?

I could bang on all morning about the way we citizens are effectively lied to by our politicians at national and local level. Try and get a straight answer from TDC about 'its' (our)share of all costs in The Turner/Droit/M&S saga so far, let alone the likely subsidy to keep it open if it should eventually be built.

Is it any wonder that honesty, integrity and truth seems lacking in our society any more?


Rick said...

Is Dr Ladyman looking for another constituency ?

I wonder if they would be impressed by a man who wrote that the death of a child patient at Guys is not his concern.

And he is a Labour MP.

The country is in the cacky. The reasons for this start away back.

Basically Kaiser Bill was advised that he did not need a war as far as Britain was concerned that it would not alter teh timescale of UK decline.

Industrial decline, obsession with management, educational irrelevance and the "White man's burden" would see us as tail runners in the European League by the end of the 20th century.

The IRA strategy was based on the same sort of timescale. That the "Stunts" campaign (bomb and bullet) would make no difference to the timescale of the "Inevitable trend to regionalization". But the "Stunts" camapign certainly drew the lions share of grant aid out to the "Celtic fringe". A senior Welsh Development Agency man told me that "We dare not say it out loud but the IRA, who only attack England, is the best thing ever happened for Wales economy. The grant aid flows to stem the tide of Celtic separatism. So we have a Celtic Games. Celtic arts. Anything to keep a sense of separatism going"

No one will admit that the Soviet, Germany and even the IRA had superior strategists. BUt all they were doing was facing the truth about UK before the truth made itself forceably known to us so long in denial.

Yet there were voices. Such as Professor R V Jones who after WW2 warned against the effete postwar educations system.

By 1956 I think industrially Germany was back ahead of us. Our industry still teetering along which was obsolete by WW1 and had not moved forward.

I think the academic who dreamed up the broad post war schools system (Broad curriculum equating to learning nothing about everything) admitted on his deathbed that R V Jones was right.

Yet we kept going and now we have sociologists, social workers, counsellors, special needs this and special needs that, we define disorder in children who don't thrive in the effete curriculum set up.

We have lost sight of Common Law (in which we all protect each others enjoyment of the peace) and we bow down to a divisive statutory law of privilege for minorities guised as human rights.

And there is a human rights bandwagon. Mickey Mouse QC and Ms Chickenbalti. And God forbid the nation form its own opinion. Labelled expert the media calls on Ms Chickenbalti to tell us what we should be thinking.

In 1971 I got a Home Office commendation as a young Pc for exposing the flawed research method of a sociologist attempting to prove the existence of "Institutionalized racism" in police.

I thought thenh that is a myth looking to be treated as reality. In street parlance a con looking for a c-nt. And eventually, decades later, the myth found New Labour. Attached itself to the murder of Stephen Lawrence and, whilst he was denied justice (something we are supposed to overlook), exploited his death to con us that institutionalized racism is a reality.

It is a myth whipped into a mass hysteria.

I know it will offend some people but I find Stephen Lawrence's parents awful. Particularly the mother.

What happened to our Common Law, Common Decency, Common Humanity, Common sense and Common cause land ?

Immigration is not the problem. It is that immigrants did not absorb into our Common Law system. Too many people had a vested interest in creating their model of society. They experimented (which is unlawful) with multiculturalism and now, admitting that failed they are moving to a new concept of interculturalism.

We need to move back to the unrepealable Common Law equality system and those who don't like it exercise their rights to b-gger off.

Rick said...

At our allotments I see a microcosm of the situation.

We have two great blokes. West Indians who came to UK in 1959 and worked as coalmine faceworkers. Till maggie Vandal shut down the industry and killed off our chance to advance self sustainably to the eco fuel era.

Then they both found other jobs till retirement.

They are the ones who put up flagpoles on their plots and fly Union Jacks.

This was after a family of immigrant Kurds rented an allotment.

Seven kids, a wife and older woman doing the work whilst the man did diddly. But he would ask the plot holders if they could give him a greenhouse and a shed and help dig the plot.

For a while people did dig and help. But with him doing diddly but watering (his kids would fill the can and carry it to him) the help stopped.

I asked him what he works at

"Don't work"

What do you do can you lay bricks, do woodwork because we can help you build a shed and greenhouse.

No he cannot do anything like that.

What can he do

That would be nothing except breed.

And the people it angered the most were the West Indians. And they are great blokes with lovely families.

So we judge by what we see not what by Ms Chickenbalti attempts to direct.

Ian J said...

Hear! Hear!

I'm with you on this one Rick, too much pussy footing around nowadays, and all because we are frightened of upsetting someone, well tough I say, if you can't handle a bit of rough and tumble as you go through life I think nature is telling you your genes are to weak to pass on..