Friday, 4 April 2008


Don't get me wrong, I am fully supportive of recycling as much of our waste as possible, but as this picture shows, must we make it such an unattractive proposition?

The picture is of a recycling point on the attractive junction of Laleham Road and Northdown Park Road in Clifftonville. You will see carrier bags adorning the trees and grafitti on the fence and when the cardboard/paper bins are full, this previously attractive corner of Clifftonville is a an unsightly mess. If you click on the pic below you might get some idea of how this recycling area has spoiled a pretty site in our 'townscape'.
My question is quite simple, can we not do the 'recycling thing' in a more attractive way? Could this 'recycling point' be screened? If not, should it really be here at all? Our Victorian forefathers managed to make their sewage works and pumping stations attractive visually and architecturally, let alone what they did in Dane Park compared to the sterile area it now is.
As we end up with ugly eyesores around Thanet, we can console ourselves that TDC is about to lay on for us a new art gallery to see beautiful objects like Emin's unmade bed. Am I missing the plot here?


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TDC @ it's best.
The difference between Victorian and now? civic pride and a sense of duty from council officers not just a job.

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You do realise that the whole planet is being buried under an avalanche of rubbish don't you. Why should Thanet be an exception?