Thursday, 17 April 2008


You can go and look at Eastcliff Matters where Cllr David Green gives a clear report about TDC's firmness in insiting on the re-building of The Scenic Railway by Waterbridge or see the happy comments of the Turneraround Margate crowd who supported Save Dreamland Campaign. (Dreamland died; is dead; its gone .... go to Monty Python for the rest!).

I am beginning to wish that the professional arsonist had done a better job. The Scenic Railway was an awkward anachronism on the site and needed moving. All we can hope for is that Waterbridge do nothing and TDC moves in and I quote Cllr Green for the rest:

"but also gives it (TDC) the option of compulsorily purchasing the entire 15 acre site - possibly including the Dreamland cinema - and paying for the work to be done before reselling it again."

Now that would be marvellous but weren't TDC firm about The Marina Cafe and it was demolished as a result? Dream on Bertie, old boy!


Anonymous said...

Re-build something from the Ark but say there's no money for everything else the good folk of Thanet would like. Surely the pavilion at Westgate, used every day, is more worthy of funding than a piece of wreckage from another era used for a few weeks a year?

Anonymous said...

It can be argued that Westgate Pavilion dates from a previous era too - but it ain't a listed building. Glad to know it's being used daily though.

Rebuilding the Scenic is a legal requirement.

Nick, Whitstable

bertie biggles said...

I have sympathy with 08.10 Nick but as you say The Scenic is listed and an enforcement notice has been made.

Cllr David Green said...

Why on Earth rebuild it? Because the process that goes before a building is listed is long and rigourous. It accesses both the national and local significance.
If we cannot protect these buildings then what hope is there of preserving what's best of our conservation areas or of acheiving quality in new build? Losing a listed building is quite a rare event nationally,usually resulting in rebuilding, very often in prosecution. Here in Thanet, we have far to many "at risk". We are trying to encourage the Council to send a signal that we will act robustly over this. How about some support?

bertie biggles said...

I am all for 'listing' buildings of value but a knackered old fair-ground ride that is blocking the possibility of having an all-weather indoor venue, is worth sacrificing. However, if TDC can swoop in on the enforcement angle and compulsory purchase the site, that would have my full support and be a different matter. It was nice to see a bit of 'gnashing of teeth' from Waterbridge spokesmen according to IOTG! Perhaps TDC's patience is running out with developers holding this site to ransom for so long?