Sunday, 27 April 2008


Forget the problems of the world and TDC for a minute and get out and enjoy Thanet in The Spring if you can. There are beautiful spots dotted throughout the Isle at this time of year. Here are just a couple of them. The view above has got to be one of my favourites. I always make a point of driving along Westbrook Avenue towards Westgate at this time of year , instead of along the Canterbury Road. The blossom on these ornamental cherry trees has to be one of the prettiest sites in Thanet. My thanks to Paul Verral at TDC for replacing dead trees with new ones so that our grandchildren will be able to enjoy this scene in years to come. This week will be the best time to enjoy the blossom.
I wonder if 'le stink' from across the Channel has anything to do with countless fields of oil-seed rape? Many will be affected by smell and pollen but it does look glorious at this time of year as this picture in Park Road , Birchington shows.

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Anonymous said...

I was out on my flying bike yesterday (Sunday) around Monkton, Acol and Birchington and although it was a dull day, it was considerably brightened by the yellow stuff in the fields. Luckily, the pollen doesn't affect me. It's good to see the ripening of the rape each year - spring is certainly sprung when it's out.

Nick, Whitstable