Friday, 4 April 2008


It would be curmudgeonly of me not to congratulate Ian Gregory for being elected to sit on Broadstairs Town Council on behalf of Bradstowe Ward. Exact figures are not Norah's strongpoint, but she is trying hard to be re-instated as an analyst, and when she arrived this morning was able to tell me the rough voting figures: Ian Gregory 400+, Ian Driver (Ind) 100+, Roger Lee(Lab) 100+ and Jane Burgess (IAP) 75.

A quick phone-call to the Town Hall in Broadstairs to track down the accurate voting figures was a waste of time; they don't even know who won let, alone figures!

The Bradstowe Ward Burghers of Broadstairs have made their choice even if their Town Council seems to be unconcerned about it.


Anonymous said...

Gregory 410
Driver 122
Lee 104
Burges 73.

Turn-out a staggering 21%

bertie biggles said...

Thanks 10.45! Is 21% quite good considering the TCs attempts to play it quietly?

Anonymous said...

PRESS RELEASE from Cllr John Worrow

At the last meeting of the Independent Action Executive Committee, it was agreed that the party's South Thanet representative, Jane Burges is to replace Dr Jack Cohen as Party Chairman.
A motion was carried unanimously.


Cllr Jean Fleming, Deputy Leader

bertie biggles said...

Thanks 17.06.