Tuesday, 29 April 2008


KMFM Thanet Radio is reporting that Cllr Ezekel is brushing aside calls for him to resign after the Standards Board finding on the 'f***ing w***er' incident. In later bulletins today we hear Cllr Ezekiel predictably claiming " Let's be honest, this is pure political........." as his response to those wanting him to resign. Its not political and he knows it; its about what behaviour Thanet expects of its Council Leader who represents us all.

I hope Tory Councillors do not consider resignation calls a political partisan matter and close ranks in 'defence' of Mr Ezekiel. They might be better off considering 'pushing him'.

If I was a Labour Councillor I would be urging the Tories to hang on to 'Their Leader' and the longer the better. He is such a liability now and the butt of so much ribald commentary that he is probably the best recruiting agent for The Labour Group at TDC and will probably be largely responsible for losing Thanet to Labour at the next opportunity Thanet's electorate has to vote.


Anonymous said...

KMFM is a good station - hugely underrated!

Be sure to listen again later in the day.

Nick, Whitstable

Bertie Biggles said...

Will do!