Friday, 20 June 2008


After an evenings reading of CGP's latest attempts to convince TDC that Phase 1 revisions are great, I show you two plans that have been revised by CGP. The first is the 'revised site layout' for Phase 1 and the second is the revised 'Planting Plan' for Phase 1.
Please feel free to spot the difference and offer a view as to the explaination for it? I hope to goodness that Doug Brown , Ken and his team of Councillors are onto it!
If you want some hilarious reading about traffic jams around Manston, HGVs trundling through Acol, cycling initiatives (despite the fact that all major built up areas are outside the accepted 5km journey for cyclists), CGPs proposed Travel Plan Co-Ordinator and car clamping at Golden Gateway car parks and subsidising bus services for Routes 38A and 42 , go and visit their Transport assessment and Travel Plans on F/TH/08/0400. It is better late night reading than a thick fiction paperback from Michael's Bookshop but not as interesting as Mockett's Journal!
Oh, and just a late night thought, CGP put cost of pumping house and mains sewerage costs at about £1.1 million. Would a 3.5km main sewerage connection to Birchington cost so little?
I go to a well earned rest tonight with CGP's comforting image of 2000 -3000 happy Gateway employees (all from Thanet of course) trundling along the roads to Manston on their cycles as HGVs by the hundred directed the 'short way' by SATNAVS, try to pass them on Acol Hill, Margate Hill and The Manston Road. Meanwhile, in Bejing , their counterparts are in air-conditioned limosines on the Bejing free-way. Good-night and enjoy the Summer solstice if you are a Druid.


Anonymous said...

I think they are not being realistic if they expect even one push bike out that way.

Also I bet that should tis go ahead there would be all sorts of name calling between council members when it comes out that the roads can not cope with the traffic.

Ken Gregory said...


I can assure you that the 'Team' are on this issue and will look in depth at the documentation. The road system will be subject to a report from KCC.(I am not a member)and when it finally comes before planning, we will have all the info.

Bertie Biggles said...

Great news, Ken. Did you spot the difference? On second thoughts, no comments please at this delicate stage.

Anonymous said...

I have one question.

Whilst CGP and TDC are telling us how wonderful this development is for Thanet, how much will CGP's assets go up once planning permission has been approved?

Bertie Biggles said...

By a great deal I am sure,23.33. Is CGPs 'Golden' (sorry China) Gateway really about jobs for Thanet or maximising a return for CGP? I should imagine that some-where in the region of £30million to £40 million would be the sum hanging on TDC's Planning Committee decision but that is speculation on my part.You need to remember that Mr Seymour- Prosser's particular asset to CGP is his ability to provide a 'quick' and substantial return for investors (of whom Directors of CGP are shareholders).

Anonymous said...

Indeed it does go up by a whopping amount so the term "Golden" is an appropriate term to use.

However it will not be golden for our water supplies when this development (all of it) poses a significant risk.

In the revised plans it includes all three phases of development yet the land is only earmarked for development in phase 1 alone.

The question here can TDC be trusted, given that both political parties have taken money from the developer and also have an interest in the development area i.e. EKO and the spatial development.

What a screw up, i fear this is going to cost the public yet again.

Clearly the Auditors of both KCC and TDC should hang their heads in shame for allowing the tax payer to be continually ripped off by bad decision makers in both KCC and TDC communist empires as that's what they have become.

Anonymous said...

It appears to be another plan like Westwood Cross done on the cheap with the planners not installing any proper infastucture first, such as roads. And the huge amount recieved in increased business rates not reinvested in improving our local infrastucture.

Anonymous said...

What is to stop a development group like CGP getting the required planning permission, and then selling on the project to another developer?

Bertie Biggles said...

Nothing whatsoever and this is a frequent course taken once planning permission has been granted.