Saturday, 21 June 2008


There are some pretty rural scenes around Thanet and (with allowances for my Kodak Brownie) I bring to your attention the view down Acol Hill into Acol. (click on pics for full screen view).

This view is South towards Margate Hill and again click on pic to get a full screen view). Could I draw your attention to Cummins to the right of the house in the centre and the pylon to the left of the picture. You might notice the tram lines in the wheat crop ( behind and between the house and pylon). This is prime agricultural land , and the Source Protection Zone 1 for Sparrow Castle Pumping Station begins at the 2nd 'tram' line to the right of the pylon. Enjoy this view.

This picture is a 'montage' because Bertie's ICT skills are not up to doctoring a pic electronically. Its scale might not be spot on but the message is clear. You will need to compare it with the photograph above to realise how visually intrusive these warehouses will be.
CGP want to put their TWO BIGGEST 'X' Type Warehouses ( the core of the re-distribution of Chinese Imports in The China Gateway proposal) onto agricultural land in the most visually intrusive position of all of Phase 1 and on SPZ 1. In addition it is the closest part of their site to Acol Village and will work 24/7 for 365 days a year with HGVs delivering, being unloaded, resorting of loads; HGVs being loaded and departing.
How can our Council Planning Committee possibly allow this travesty of TDC policies to occur? What policies am I referring to? Policy CC2 concerning Chalk Plateau; EP13 on Ground Water Protection Zones: CC9. CC9 is worth quoting:
" Long term protection will be given to the best and most versatile agricultural land. No irreversible development will be allowed on such land unless:
1. It can be clearly demonstrated that there are compelling and overridding reasons for the development to located on high quality agricultural land."
The only compelling reason why such travesties of policy are being contemplated could be because, your Council leadership has possibly already told CGP that it will 'deliver' this planning application to Mr Wills and Mr Seymour Prosser of CGP , 'as approved' by 16th July 2008, despite the democratic planning process that means that we expect all our Councillors involved to weigh up the issues impartially and THEN come to a decision without Party influence or 'favour'?
Could this be why Doug Brown is being chased to ensure it is ready on time for 16th July when common-sense requires longer preparation?
Am I the only one who will weep at the death of the democratic process in Thanet, whilst Mr Wills and Seymour -Prosser crack open the champagne on 16th July with the news that they will be well on their way to a £30,000,000- £40,000,000 return on their land purchase and will be able to repay the Israel Discount Bank?


Anonymous said...

So is July 16th the planning meeting date!! How can you know this to be a fact Bertie?

Anonymous said...

What is the legal state of play for a developer getting the required planning permission, and the huge increase in land value that follows, and then selling on to another developer?

Anonymous said...

Hell no problems at all, in selling it on, and thats what will happen.

As for the 16th July, of course its going to happen as all the dates revolve around that decision.

Of interest the revised plans indicate that the weak and not very factual report is for all three phases.

I can see yet another useless 106 agreement on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

We have too many green fields

Anonymous said...

The Sea Bathing site was sold by the Local Area Health Authority for under £400,000 without planning permission resold 2 years later by the "developer" for just over £4,000,000 Yes 4MILLION !!

Anonymous said...

I raise your Blog and add the sale of Haine hospital, which was
sold for £2,165,000. A further payment of £5,050,000 was subsequently received. The NHS received all of this money.

The foolish council compulsorily purchased the land (at Westwood)and got zilch for doing it, other than getting the public's money back. Oh the tax payer is now having to pay for the infrastructure improvements because of TDC's screw ups... much the same as we Will for the CGP venture at some time in the future?

Big bucks are involved.

Anonymous said...

The big bucks, unfortunately, go to others outside the area so none of the money gets spent here and we are left with the mess.Just look at some of the designated industrial sites lying empty while prime farmland is sold for serious money to developers who then make even more selling it on with planning permission to others. This land should it get permission for development will increase many-fold in value. Money making more money.

Anonymous said...

Re. planning committe date:-because we've been told (by the planning department) that's when it'll be and so all objections had to be in by last Friday although due to the amended plans now submitted further objections can be sent by July 1st.

Perhaps you know something we don't?

Anonymous said...

We have too many green fields? You are not well.

Bertie Biggles said...

I am now well! Thanks for that 12.08!