Sunday, 8 June 2008


I am delighted to show readers a picture of one of TDC's rare Independent councillor's who represents Westbrook. My sources have assured me and others have done so on the post below , that Cllr McCastree, unlike other absent members of the Planning Committtee, WAS at Manston on Friday morning! I rather like Cllr McCastree's write-up from TDC's web-site and I copy it in full below:

"Better known as Bert, I was elected as an independent Councillor in the Westbrook ward of Thanet District. I work as a financial trader and property developer.

I have lived in Thanet for the past seven years and I am very encouraged by the positive changes taking place. Thanet is steadily working it's way out of economic doldrums. Amongst other things, thanks to the influx of people and new businesses relocating here, our economy is on the move in the right direction.

I made Thanet my home because it is a beautiful place to live and a far cry from the rat race and polluted air which I left behind in London.

I decided to be a Councillor, an independent one, because I believe that more independent Councillors would make the Council a more responsible and sensitive instrument of Government.

I also felt that fresh blood was needed to be in the political community and that Councillors should listen more to the needs of the community and act accordingly.

I do not enjoy politics of abuse and believe that the people are our priority and not the political parties. Once elected, Councillors should set aside their party political differences and work together for the people towards economic progress and a higher standard of service delivery which is cost effective and will benefit us all."

I am a member of the following committees:
Licensing Board


Anonymous said...

Cllr McCastree sounds like the kind of person TDC needs on planning, someone fair minded and balanced. He also has a kind face.
Is he spoken for?

Linda D

Bertie Biggles said...

I don't know if he is spoken for Linda, but an 'independent' mind is exactly what Thanet's citizens need on our Planning Committee! If he is not, he might like to contact you via 'Strife'; I like the idea of playing Cupid!

Anonymous said...

Agree Thanet needs more than the current 2 horse parties presently on offer. And an independent voice is very welcomed, as politics locally seem subject to very limited choice. That said Kent was always covered in Blue grass.

Anonymous said...

If your going to be so open cllr can you answer this question? you were selected to stand for Labour in the last local election but withdrew as you couldnt explain why you changed your name???????? and at every council meeting Ive attended you have always voted with the council.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Is that the same Commercial Group Properties that has a major planning application currently on the Planning Department's desk?

Anonymous said...

I hear Wimpey and another catering place on the the seafront is to close down. Tdc, what will be left in Margate at this rate of closure? The decison makers need to walk around and Listen to public views, and understand what is actually happening on. Our town needs more help supporting the remaing existing businesses. If more close down, then it will take even more time to regenerate the town and poeple return to it.

Bertie Biggles said...

10.59, I have removed your advertisment, referred to by ECR as blog spam. One 'posting' will suffice , dear chap, without incontinence getting the better of you.
12.17 , yes it is and can hardly be described as a local business.

Anonymous said...

It does seem to be a bit of a local trend when people leave the Labour party to change names. Bert Williams is now Dean McCastree, Ted Ruffel is now Edwin Watt Ruffel, who next I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Bert, I wonder? Maybe it doesn't have a 'posh' enough label?; should have called himself Bertie Williams perhaps; bi-syllabic forenames always sound smarter.
As for new names, as Ken Wills is so close to TDC at the moment, 'Our Leader' could be adopting Sandy Ezekiel-Wills as his monika soon. Better than his nickname around Thanet as 'T****r Ezekiel' with or without a preceeding adjective.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - more than one developer on the Planning Committee then - seems the new Vice Chair is also a builder and developer - strange how the Vice Chair managed to get planning permission to build on a site (denied for over 10 years as inappropriate) shortly after joining the planning committee. What new horizons will be opened for him now.

Anonymous said...

My dad resigned as a councillor in the Southwest.He was an independent, but felt they were all looking after themselves in the local council, and that this was not in local people's interests.