Saturday, 14 June 2008


The picture above highlights 31, Westwood Rd , Broadstairs CT10 2LB which was the subject of planning application F/TH/08/0343. Mr L Waitt submitted this application which was received by TDC on 14 Mar 2008 and was approved by The Planning Dept on the 19th May 2008 and signed off by Mr B White.

As regular readers are aware, Thanetstrife has taken an interest in inappropriate 'garden-grabs' for over development and I was delighted that the nonsense at Pegwell, supported by Laura Sandys and the local community, was kicked into touch.

However, to squeeze a 4 bedroomed house into the back -garden of this address in Westwood Rd seems to me to be mad. An application was turned down in 2001 for this same application and yet in 2008 it is approved; probably to the horror of neighbours and those backing onto it in Wealdhurst Park!

Was this application from the same Laurie Waitt who was having drinks with others including 'Our Leader' in The Lanthorne Pub on Sunday 13 April?
(My apologies for misinformation in an earlier picture: X marks the spot for the new house; all very chummy for the neighbours!)


Anonymous said...

Don't disagree in principle with what you're saying, Bertie, but I think you're showing an innocent house - according to the drawing associated with the planning application, it's actually the house on the corner of Wealdhurst Park which is out of sight in your photo.

Bertie Biggles said...

Oh cripes! Thanks for that 10.18. Had better find the right bally back-garden! Apologies to all!

Trust the x marks the right spot now!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh - i could show you something far more inappropriate. Backing onto my friends house in Birchington builder sits on Planning Committee - house squeezed onto tiny plot with no front garden to speak of and only three foot from her boundary. It has really upset her.

Bertie Biggles said...

It is exactly this that so many TDC Councillors have been trying to stop 16.27. It is taking some time for our Labour Government to realise that people's back gardens should not be classified as 'brown field' sites! Please convey my sympathy to your neighbour. Can you share with us the Planning Application number?

Anonymous said...

What concerns me about my friend's case is that the land behind her was green belt. Planning permission had been refused for years on the grounds that it was against TDC's Planning Policy. The builder then joined the Planning Committee and is now in fact the new Vice Chair. All this of course is probably just coincidence but is slightly suspicious. It worries me that there seem to be a few builders/developers on the Planning Committee, and while their input may be invaluable I am left to wonder if motives and decisions may not always be impartial. What other small pieces of green belt will we see built upon - will the whole of Thanet eventually become cement.