Monday, 2 June 2008


On 10th May, I posted an item about poor Cllr Hayton titled, "Was Cllr Hayton pushed off his chair?" ; according to the IOTG last Friday, it seems he was.
'Our Leader', of 'f***ing t***er' fame, described Cllr Hayton's dismissal from long and very capable service as 'succession and progression'.
Cllr Hayton's riposte was " Those may have been his words but mine are it was a sacking."
The question that arises is why has a very experienced and capable chair of planning like Cllr Hayton been tossed out of his chair in such a perfunctory manner in early May and why is he quite clearly upset about it and now happy to comment about it to the IOTG? Hardly supportive of 'Our Leader' but understandable. The interesting snippet about Cllr Hayton, reported in the IOTG, was that he was one of only 2 Councillors who voted against Westwood Cross and he has risen even higher in my estimation for so doing. He clearly knew what a devastating effect it would have on our town centres and Margate in particular.
Was his 'sacking' really about the controversial China Gateway application or is it much simpler? The IOTG reported a little while ago that Frank Thorley, of Thorley Taverns, was very upset that a planning application for improved parking at one of his hotels had been turned down and wasn't Cllr Hayton chair of planning at the time?
Its probably just a coincidence that a only couple of weeks before Cllr Hayton's demise, 'Our Leader' was spotted refreshing himself in a well known Broadstairs pub on a Sunday afternoon on 13th April in the company of Mr Thorley and a certain Mr Godden amongst others. (see 'Fly on The Wall' posting of 18 April).


Anonymous said...

ken Gregory, Hayton's successor, did put a posting on here to say something about it being natural progression and that he and Hayton are still joined at the hip.

Interesting scenario that one!!

Anonymous said...

Hip, hip, hooray.

Anonymous said...

I'm Greg the Peg

With the extra leg

And its trouser rolled up

Diddle diddle dum

And IB what is he up to ? Whereas he just ignores any Thanet blogger responses, he has finally come out fighting putting stuff on the public record when he got private email questions from powerful people on his own specialist reader blog. Including it seems a man on the Thatcherite elite think tank the social affairs unit. (BIG TORIES ?)


It is a read for those interested in military and political history prepared to plug in their own knowledge. I certainly gained the impression that IB already knows the RN Intelligence Commander he answers.

Bertie Biggles said...

Rick, please try and keep on topic when visiting! I have removed one comment but have left your link on so that I and others can visit you easily.

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F***ing T***ers