Monday, 9 June 2008


As regular readers will be aware, a good friend has asked me to help publicise the application to build Thanet's biggest Industrial Estate on farmland and on top of our water aquifer in Manston and I have been happy to oblige. Yes, I am 'anti' and I think it is the height of folly.

I am reliably informed that leaflets urging Thanet people to write to TDC objecting to the application (F/TH/08/0400) have been hitting peoples doormats across Thanet and the protesters have not even got started fully yet. So if you haven't had a leaflet , I will try and get hold of one and scan it for you and put it up on the site.

I have been informed that a CGP type chappie has approached a 'Save Thanet's Water Supply- Stop China Gateway' campaigner already and objected to its content. I have also been told that an invitation to tea and a cosy chat has been extended to the 'Campaign Team' by none less than Cllr Roger Latchford OBE, Cabinet Member for The Economy and 'Our Leader's' right hand man.

He got his hands on a leaflet at some stage today. How nice to see such a gentlemanly response to a campaign that is doing is hardest to stop over-development in Thanet on acres of farmland and on our drinking water and is bound to upset Ken Wills and Mr Seymour-Prosser of CGP who are of course full of philanthropic ideas to provide jobs for Thanet. It's got nothing to do with making a great return on their speculative investment.

Why doesn't TDC just accept that its the wrong development in the wrong place and find space at Eurokent to put Chinamex's huge redistribution warehouses? You might be interested to realise that Thanet already has a generous existing employment land supply that is currently under-utilised and covers the Local Plan period until 2011! It actually meets 95% of the Kent and MedwayStructure Plan requirement to 2021! In other words, TDC seems hell-bent on 'pushing' Gateway through at Manston without considering that perhaps its the wrong place.

I just wonder, why?


Anonymous said...

Well, Bertie, I have seen the leaflet as one came through my door on Sunday. I've read it carefully and, as far as I can see, the campaigners have used the information in the public domain, from the planning application so that must be ok and have then posed some valid questions as they are entitled to do. Ken Wills has been quoted in the press correctly, I assume, as I haven't seen any reports in the Gazette saying they'd misquoted him and the campaigners have used those quotes.

As a consequence I shall be writing to object.

Anon. Broadstairs resident.

Anonymous said...

Someone at TDC has lost their sense of direction on this issue and i will be written to the appropriate minsters.

Anonymous said...


I hope that your friend will accept Cllr Latchford's invitation.

The Support China Gateway For Growth Group SCGFGG.

Anonymous said...

We have a possible major global down turn ahead of us, and you nutters are trying to stop our growth. I don't buy the scare mungering.

I sugest that you get over see Roger Latchford MP and he will tell you the truth.


Anonymous said...

Free fun at Margate's Big Event
The Tigers parachute display team will be one of the highlight's of Margate's Big Event 2008.
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The two-day extravaganza takes place on June 14-15 and with Fathers’ Day falling on the Saturday, what better way to treat your dad than with a full flying display and amazing arena acts?

Admission to Kent’s leading air and land festival is free, although there is a £5 charge for car parking, and organisers are expecting more than 60,000 people through the gates.

Filling the skies above Thanet will be spectacular aircraft, including the Royal Navy Black Cat helicopters and a Typhoon jet fighter, alongside thrilling display teams like the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, the Falcons and Tigers parachute teams and the Hawk 208 Squadron.

The Imps Motorcycle Team, world record holders James Dylan Stuntworld and one of the country’s top equestrian teams, the Devil’s Horsemen, will be among the arena acts.

Saturday will be rounded off by a Magic of Motown tribute concert and a full fireworks display.

Cllr Sandy Ezekiel, leader of Thanet District Council, said: “This will be a fantastic, fun filled weekend for all the family. This year’s event will be much larger than in 2007; we’re getting bigger and better every year.

“The whole of Margate will be busy and everyone is more than welcome. Thanet is events led and we put on more events here than any other part of the country. That is something that we’re immensely proud of.”

The event has been organised by Thanet District Council and is sponsored by local firms GSE Group, Commercial Group Properties and Sky Charter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need jobs but there are plenty of sites already designated for industrial usein Thanet without using up the green belt.

We should be asking why the developer is so adamant it has to be this very site when he could have options of a number of others. Parts of the Westwood area are earmarked for industrial use but have been handed over (don't know under what terme) for Thanet College to move there, freeing up more land in Broadstairs for flats and more flats.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Ken wills and TDC fan club at work - all missing one important point our water supply is at significant risk.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I see TDC are resorting to leaving spam comments now. They must be desperate!

Michael Child said...

Bertie it occurred to me the other day when I discovered that the environment agency and TDC planning had both missed the part of the planning application that said that the proposed surface drainage system was inadequate, that no expert in planning and development has read this huge application properly.

Do you reckon that it would be possible to get an expert in this area to do just that and give us a professional opinion?

I am afraid I think it laughable that unqualified amateurs should assess the risks being taken with our drinking water supply over a cup of tea, this is a job for professional scientists and engineers, otherwise in the future not only will there be the risk that the wrong decision is made but also the risk that the tea may be poisoned.

Anonymous said...

If I were a real cynic, I would say the entire china gateway project is a front to occupy the minds of those who are alert. behind the scenes somthing far more sinister must be going on

Anonymous said...

Anon 17.56, don't keep us in suspense. This reads like a James Bond film script. is Dr. No about to destroy the world or.....
Basically, you have a property developer out to make money as that's what they do and a council that seems to be falling over itself to help him do so. Hey. that's capitalism and the way of the world. I don't like it and hopefully enough people out there don't either and will do their utmost to strangle this project at birth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.52. No one is scaremongering out of malice but from justifiable concerns about what this developer wants to do.

Bertie Biggles said...

It's good to see argument going on in a reasonably civilised way about this issue. I say reasonably, Ronnie of 10.52, despite your resort to 'nutters'. There is more than enough development land in Thanet but TDC seems to have a thing about pursuing Gateway even if it has to stifle comment on site visits (April 2008) and remove a Chair of Planning(May 2008). Of course these events are entirely un-related to F/TH/08/0400 as is the £25,000 donation to Dr Ladyman and CGPs co sponsorship of margate's Big Event. Which reminds me...

10.58, I am happy to allow your piece of un-related 'spam' on one thread but please refrain from littering Strife with thr stuff. There are thinking people out there who can actually read something once and grasp the message. I suppose it would be small minded of me to regard The Big Event as no more than the 'Emperor' of Thanet, supported by his business acquaintances, coughing up for entertainment of the plebians at 'Circus Maximus' to divert their attention away from more serious issues and make us all think what wonderful chaps they are. I don't like KCC running a TV station and I don't like TDC running 'events'. I just want them to run Kent and Thanet properly and stick to their day job until they get it right.

Anonymous said...

I resent being called a 'nutter'. I know we need jobs but I personally can't see many of Thanet's finest unemployed turning out to work at Manston. Crikey, they won't even go from Ramsgate to Margate to work. I'm not trying to stifle growth but there are plenty of sites that can be used for employment creation in Ramsgate and Margate not to mention the Westwood area of Broadstairs. Let's not lose sight of the fact that this whole scheme is being put together by a property developer who in many people's eyes sits alongside estate agents and used car salesmen in their (low) estimation.

As soon as their money is made they'll be off. These men aren't philanthropists helping the poor, downtrodden of Thanet but capitalists out for a quick buck!!

Bertie Biggles said...

Michael, I don't know if Doug Brown has been asked the question about sufficient expertise at TDC to look at this drainage issue properly. The proposals in the application are clearly inadequate to cope with 20mm of rain in 30 minutes as happened two weeks ago. I will pass this onto some-one who might know an engineer who could give an expert opinion. Doug Brown should surely be having an independent drainage specialist looking at this problem and advising TDC ,as TDC has a duty of care in Law to prevent contamination of a water supply?

A comment I have heard, from a member of the public who 'silently' attended the site visit last week, was that they were surprised at the slope down from the site into Source Protection Zone 1 and wondered how much water two weeks ago would have ended up there if Gateway had been standing.

Anonymous said...

Bertie,as you have already told your readers, Cllr Roger Latchford has invited your friend to attend TDC for a cup of tea ( with safe water ). As I know Roger, I would think he would be happy for you to also attend the meeting. Please show your readers that you are not just talking the talk, and that you and your friend will walk the walk and meet the deputy leader of TDC to discuss the safety of our water etc. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT.You know how to contact Roger.

friend of Roger.

Bertie Biggles said...

Thnak you, Friend of Roger.

The clearest objection to China Gateway I have seen was sent to TDC by CPRE, Kent. Brian Lloyd, their Planning chap, has stated very clear and sensible reasons why TDC should not proceed with this application and it is available for your perusal on under Michael Child's posting 'Why are TDC hiding important documents from us?'

I have made my comments on F/TH/08/0400 through the proper channels to Doug Brown and I personally see little value in talking to The Deputy Leader at this stage. Why? Let me explain why.

This planning application and its import in terms of covering yet more agricultural land in concrete on top of a water catchment area is not fully understood by a great many of the electorate in Thanet and there appears to be indecent haste by some TDC councillors in trying to get this application nodded through in quick time.

Detailed conversations with some of those who attended last Friday's farce of a site visit 'hosted' by the new Chair of Planning confirms in my mind that there are very serious issues that are being neglected or deliberately being ignored concerning China Gateway.

You are suggesting that I should 'walk the walk' by meeting with our Deputy Leader when our Council deliberately stifles comments from interested parties at a Planning Site Meeting; an undemocratic measure that was passed only recently in April? In other words it is not prepared to listen to the concerns of its electorate 'on the ground' who might have something to say to their elected councillors who have to consider all aspects of this important application?

Yes, Friend of Roger, I will not only carry on 'talking the talk' but I am already 'walking the walk' delivering leaflets on behalf of my friends.

I will also join them collecting signatures for petitions, supporting 'protest' meetings and spending my time placing their arguments before as many Councillors as possible. I might even join them for a demonstration or two.

A cosy chat with The Deputy Leader over tea would be nice but I have a few more streets to canvass yet as my 'share' of Leaflet 1 and now i hear rumours of the next leaflet to deliver too. Far to busy 'walking the walk' to take time out for tea.

Anonymous said...


Well said, I wonder if there is deliberate intent to sacrifice Thanets underground aquifer to satiate the thirst for cheap development land at our expense?

Friends of the Roger club should be mindful that people viewing this forum may be scientists and have the knowledge base on that good old polar substance i.e water.

Finally "Duty of Care" overrides all other considerations which clearly Bertie is mindful of, so how the hell is a cup of tea going to help...just thought i would ask?

Anonymous said...


I rspect you for have your views, but don't insult your the intelligence of the public. Even those that have different views than me can see what you are trying to do.

Anonymous said...

No need to shout, Anon., 16.40. Rest assured the only politicians in this whole scheme are those sitting in the council chamber at Margate. This campaign is not political and the last thing anyone connected with it wants is to run for office. Who'd want to join this bunch who ignore any outcome of consultation because they know what's best for Thanet?

Anonymous said...

Just had a phone call from a friend who asked me what the he*l is going on in the area having just read that the Thanet College site is to have, subject to planning, 200 houses built.

Where's the infrastructure, the water supply, the dentists, the doctors, the decent schools, the roads for all this. Where are the quality jobs not the minimum wage ones that are all the China Gateway will be offering if it ever goes ahead.

We need jobs that offer some career structure, good training, decent wages.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the china gateway, but i feel that Bertie should go to the 'Cup of Tea Meeting' Bertie does not have to say if he is going to stand at the KCC election next year.

Just because Bertie and his friend are posting leaflets into peoples letter boxes it does not mean that they have to face up to anyone, but i feel they should as it shows that they believe in what they are doing.

I support Bertie, but please face up to council as not doing so makes the cause seem weak. best wises

Ian S

Anonymous said...

Actually we are facing people every time we go out to leaflet and find folk only too willing to talk and express a view on this scheme. I know plenty of people are writing to express their views to the council but, so far, I haven't found anyone in favour (apart from councillors and even then I'm not so sure). No one wants to see a job creation opportunity lost but there are plenty of unused sites earmarked for development that could be utilised.

As the council has stopped people expressing a view at site meetings then I feel the opportunity for talking would have been on such a visit.

Anonymous said...

Who is, I wonder, the shouty anon 16.40 who is a freind of Roger?

How does an invite from an anonymous 'friend of Roger' constitute an official invite to discuss things with senior councillors.

Either anon. 16.40 is so high and mighty in the system he, or she, feels the need for anonimity, or they are talking a load of bull.

If ' freind Roger' is so willing to meet the public, then why does he not call and chair a public meeting to discuss the issue.


Or would that upset 'Freind of Roger' and his cronies too much!!

Anonymous said...

Does friend of Roger own a helicopter I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Does the name Paul Wells mean anything to you?

Anonymous said...

Bertie you have nothing better to do than try to mess up the job prospects of the residents of Thanet. Read Simon Moores letter in YourThanet Newpaper, then get back to me.


Anonymous said...

I you go to YourThanet web site you can read it online.


Anonymous said...

Job creation, many local people in Thanet feel that local jobs have been taken by immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Dear 'Friend of Roger',
Mr Latchford should start thinking about arranging a public meeting for those concerned about China Gateway, rather than inviting one person for a 'cup of tea'.
One person cannot speak for all!
Let's hear what the public have to say on the matter. Or are TDC forgetting who they serve?

Anonymous said...

Many lazy, and in some cases (only in some cases)racist people feel jobs have gone to immigrants.

I am sure one could find other groups to blame for the fact that one won't get off of ones back side and get a job.


Some of the organisers of the Anti-Thanet-Anti China Gateway are just lazy out of work trouble makers. Ask Paul Wells.

Anonymous said...

I am an Animal rights protester are supporting Bertie because they I am against the Chinese for having dog for dinner.


Anonymous said...

bad grammer!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The ground on which the China Gateway Project would stand is totally safe for water supplies to thousands of households and businesses across Thanet. The chalk acts as a natural holding area for the water which is moved on by the Sparrow Castle pumping station further along Manston Road.
The Environment Agency is agrees with TDC. A number of conditions have been met. The China Gateway will make the water taste better. Industrial waste into the ground can raise the IQ of childern. The sewers from the park should be connected to septic tank style system, which had been proposed by CGP’s developers because it is good for health reason. The agency says supports Thanet Council.

Anonymous said...

All these people who are declaring that this project is going to provide many jobs for Thanet, may I point out,

Most of Margate High Street retail premises, closed!

Retail premises into Ramsgate, closed!

Retail park at Westwood, used to be Homebase, Currys, Carpetland, Closed!

If we need new premises for new job creation, why develop new land areas when there are large commercial areas available already?

Far to simple an answer for the elected fools who are supposed to govern the area FOR us, not dictate to us as is the current regime!

Anonymous said...

I see from certain comments that this is now getting personal. It is usually the plight of the scared bully to start the name calling and nastiness!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps 'Friend of Roger' could kindly explain to us all why the saintly 'Roger' is seen grinning like a clown sitting in a helicopter having accepted the very gracious sponsorship of 'Roger's' lot's air show event; when the fellow occupant and sponsor is also a planning applicant for what is a most controversial development.

Surely someone of 'Roger's' such political awareness should know that to lie down with the lion, especially in view of the press, is some what unbecoming.

Perhaps his loyal 'friend' could advise him in future, not to make such a total prat of himself, and make the whole planning issue look like a done deal!

Bertie Biggles said...

have just returned from a local watering hole to discover things are hotting up. Where should I start?
1. 16.40.: use of 'caps' is the blog equivalent to shouting and is not necessary here! Be reassured that I have no political aspirations. I am a Conservative Party member who is horrified at what I am seeing going on in Thanet and I have been urging for quite some time that some excellent Conservative Councillors need to clean up their administration of TDC by getting rid of Mr Ezekiel who, as Leader of TDC, has not only brought Thanet Conservatives into disrepute but who has denigrated the office he holds.

2. 19.08. Thanks for support to the cause, Ian, and I hope your objection is in and that you have talked to your local Councillor. I am just helping the protest group and if they are not prepared to sit down to talk with the Deputy Leader then I can hardly do so at this stage.

3. 21.01: Paul Wells , as far as I am aware, has been offering support to 'Stop China Gateway' and attended the site visit last Friday. He and his band of Tree-huggers (see www. have spent the past 12 years planting hedgerows and trees around the area affected by China Gateway to try and inmprove a little part of Thanet and it should come as no surprise that he is involving himself as a private individual in this campaign.

4. 21.09 : Gerry, I was most impressed by Simon's 'Your Thanet Blogger' article. His letter on page 17 however, misses the salient fact that CGPs application contains unsatisfactory proposals that will have to be revised and that a CGP Director is on record as saying that CGPs proposals are cheaper and sustainable when, clearly they are not. This application should be turned away until the developer is able to satisfy TDC that Thanet's aquifer can be protected during 4 years of construction and that drainage off almost 500,000 m/sq of development does not pour contaminants into SPZ1 which it would have done at 0200 on Wed 28 May had it been built. Have you failed to grasp the lesson that Thanet Earth taught us that night?

5.21.35; What makes you think that being Anti Gateway means one is Anti-Thanet? If you really believe that CGP has Thanet's interests at heart in this proposed devlopment, you are either misguided or in their pocket like some others seem to be.

6.22.07: I assume you are being sarcastic in your comment!

Wow! I have tried my best to reply to posts and can only think that such a stream of comments attacking the Stop China Gateway position, that has suddenly appeared, must be due to the fact that interested parties at CGP and TDC are seriously alarmed that a democratic protest movement is growing in Thanet and getting more organised by the day.

What makes me say this?

Could it be because 'Strife' has been highlighting concerns since
28th April(i.e for the past 6 weeks) without attracting such vitriol?

Anonymous said...

I'm an anti-Gateway person and am 1) not lazy, far from it
2) not out of work
3) not a trouble-maker
4) not anti-Thanet. I have lived here for 37 years and have seen how the area has improved over the last 10 years. When I first came here for work, the area was controlled by the then town councils whose attitude to any potential inward invester was, 'No thank you. We don't want development here. This is a nice seaside, holiday place and it suits us small businessmen to keep wages low due to the lack of other work.'

There's no way I'm anti-investment, job-creating schemes but this one is in the wrong place. There are plenty of other sites where Mr. Wills and his crew can build a business park of their own, creating job with some prospects. Don't get fooled that these will be long-term jobs. Any major downturn either here, in China or generally world-wide will see these jobs go in an instant. You only have to look at industrial sites elsewhere to realise that's what happens in an economic slump.

Michael Child said...

Before I worked as a shop assistant I worked in engineering and science so I know which chemicals are used commonly in manufacturing on industrial estates, in ordinary manufacturing processes.

I can also assure you that lazy apprentices have been known to dispose of them illegally behind the warehouse rather than going through the tedious process of filling in the proper hazardous waste disposal forms.

Lorry drivers have been known to flush out contaminated tankers in lorry parks and some of them possibly would not know that the drains would go directly into soakaways not sewers.

So a question for all of you who are considering putting an industrial estate on our underground drinking water reservoir.

If strychnine, cyanide or arsenic got into our water supply, how many people do you estimate would be killed or injured, say to the nearest thousand?

This issue is not one that should be resolved by amateurs over a cup of tea, the council should hire proper qualified scientists who are experts in land drainage and water supplies, to examine this proposition on behalf of the people of Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Mr Child,

You seem to have lost the argument if you have to resort to scare stories.

The environment agency are the experts and will advise the council

Anonymous said...

The decoy theory has been mentioned elsewhere on this thread, but now we know its true, TDC has accepted untold wealth from Mr Brown to turn Manston into a nuclear waste site. Just don't mention all the jobs that will bring. think about it, it would be really useful to have a three armed checkout assistant.

Anonymous said...

Correct Michael

(1) I reported an incident in the 90s in the Guildford Lawn area of Ramsgate. An industry locally had been flushing chemicals into the sewage system.

(2) I understand that the chalk layers at Poorhole Lane allegedly shew/show an historical problem of chemical pollution. But I am not aware of any investigation into the chemicals or whether they would be the same as used, for example, by Sericol.

(3) There is plenty on web about Thor Chemicals worldwide record.

(4) I am not aware that any epidemiological study has occurred following anecdotal suggestions by professionals of a disproportionate number of early strokes and young person deaths from aneurism within one mile of Westwood.

(5) As I understand it TDC searched the wrong Lifeboat records and, hence, found no record of the rescue circa 1912 of men from a stricken vessel. These men were allegedly taken to Haine Isolation Hospital where they died of anthrax allegedly. It was suggested, when Westwood Cross was being planned, that the Haine burial of anthrax deaths was the reason for the burning to destruction methods used in demolishing parts of the former isolation hospital.

(6) There again was Hilda Murrell going to raise a question (at the Sizewell Inquiry) into the Three Mile Island incident. Had an algae mutation occurred in what science assured must be crystal clear cooling water ? Was this mutated water flushed into the world's environment ? And did Hilda Murrell's nephew some years later ask a Professor of Chemistry to check on NHS (Middlesex Hospital) linear accelerator cooling systems after a similar "Impossible" algae mutation had occurred in the sealed systems ?

Power to the elbow of anyone raising questions. How simple it would be if those in authority/responsibility have the answers.

Anonymous said...

hilda murell, who is she?

Anonymous said...


Robert Mugabe started off like you.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. People with no knowledge of netiquette are SUCH a bore aren't they?

We need a wildlife park and forest at Manston. Like Lea Valley.

Michael Child said...

17.00 the environment agency failed to read or misunderstood the report on the surface water drainage trenches carried out by Micro Drainage for 2 year Return Period that concludes the; Outflow is too low and the design is unsatisfactory.

So I am afraid a somewhat ironic situation has occurred where I appear to be advising them at the moment.

Indecently it’s quite ok to call me Michael I am after all a shop assistant.

You may wish to consider that the same firm of architects that designed the drainage ditches are continuing with the Pleasurama development, despite the environment agency’s strong recommendation for a flood risk assessment first.

Anonymous said...

What are they going to produce there?

Anonymous said...

floating apartments and ten pound concrete missiles?

Anonymous said...

Dear Net Shouter or is that Capitalist?

I am shortly going to put a complete and numbered series of facts about the significant water problems in and around this area.

All of which supports Berties and Michael's views...if you have anything constructive to say about them please play nicely.


Anonymous said...

As for the spam regarding Margate's Big Fat Waste of Money and Precious Resources. This kind of event is absolutley appropriate for the Britain of 1970 in which TPTB seem determined to make sure Thanet remains.
It fits perfectly with Thanet Earthless and China Late Way. These are all things we should have left behind by now. A display of military and macho bravado using more fuel than the rest of us put together for the whole year, vegetables grown in a heartless, profitable and destructive way and a mega complex of industrial vagueness producing God only knows what, for whom.
We are sunk.

Anonymous said...

Glad to say I agree about the Big Event. A wicked waste of natural resources at a time when it's costing more and more to fill our petrol tank for essential trips not pointless ones. we are using Shank's Pony where appropriate or the bus if convenient.

We are sunk? I've already got the ark under construction.

I fear both these grandiose schemes will just keep the low wage economy ticking over with a regular supply of those without real skills or students happy to do something boring in the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Thank God that the small minded Self Righteous Anti-progress loons are not making the important decisions about the Isles's future.

Bertie tells us that they were invited to talks by senior council leaders. Are they going to the talks?

Before I retired I was a Trade Union leader, so I have a lot of experience in this kind of thing.

Of course we all need to question projects like the Gateway etc, but these anti people are so stuck in their negative mind set against any project aimed at helping Thanet they are not attacking everything and anything.

There people would be at home with Robert Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Right'o behind the bike shed it is then!!

I am not anti everything and neither do i covet Mugabe, a remark that is inflammatory and offensive to say the least - especially when some of us served this country at the sharp end and some of our youngsters are doing the same as we speak.

Its called democracy although you could argue it does not exist in Thanet.

So friend of TDC or Roger deal with the facts when presented with them. Here is a taster, the EA rate Thanets underground aquifers water as poor and it gets worse as i dig into this whole story sad state of affairs, as frankly we have a weak local plan and no LDF on this issue to direct anyone.

Friends of TDC or Roger bait a such as you want, but i am sure you will not get the response you are trying to elicit?

Play nicely now?


Bertie Biggles said...

TL of 23.37, please be a pleasant chap when visiting and try to resort from shouting (using caps)or I will be minded to send your comments into the ether.

If you are also, 19.07 thanks for the lack of 'caps' but it is a bit rude to compare me with Robert Mugabe!
If you really think that China gateway is a capitalist philanthropic gesture to create jobs in Thanet on an industrial estate on prime agricultural land and on top of our drinking water, then you are entitled to that view. Go and visit CGPs website and find out their view. I quote loosely, "Our aim is to maximise the return for shareholders (mainly , the directors) by developing and EXPLOITING our land holdings..... etc etc...
No mention of jobs. Go and sit down 'Woger' for tea? You must be joking. Have you read of his latest antics?

Anonymous said...

Yes Bertie, delete comments you don't agree with and pretend that it is because you want to deny someone THE RIGHT TO USE UPPER CASE LETTERS... Bertie is in danger of becoming a control freak

Bertie Biggles said...

21.10 be a nice chap, now, and please stop shouting and hurling abuse!
You will be aware that I am rather new to this blogging business and in 150 odd posts since February I have hardly had to send any comments to the ether.

Swearing, shouting, undue rudeness and salacious or libellous comments will cause me to intervene as I will, with spam comments or lengthy off-topic comments. I always apologise to posters if I have to do this and if that is control freakery in your eyes, then I am sorry that you see it as that. I am off to late-night watering hole now and could I suggest you do the same. Staring at the world over the rim of a pint glass may not solve the world's problems but it helps put them in perspective.

Cllr David Green said...

I just wanted to put in a word on behalf of Thanet Councillors.
You may wonder why you are not finding any of them involving themselves in this discusion (at least not openly).
It is because we may be asked to decide on this application, which will almost certainly end up before the full Thanet Council. If we show that we have made up our minds about the application before seeing and hearing all the evidence, then we exclude ourself from the decision.
I can assure though, that some of us, at least, are listening.
Thank you for promoting a debate.

Anonymous said...


Grateful for your comments, however i cannot see how anyone at the TDC decision making level can make an unbiased decision.

1. The local Labour group took a substantial donation off one of the developer's.

2. The two day event (the Big Event) for Margate and run by TDC is being part paid for by same.

Sorry but i rather think that someone else should make this decision but they will not - and you and i know that this will be approved, and that the statutory consultees are screwing things up regarding some serious issues surrounding this site.