Thursday, 12 June 2008


I am not really clear about doner and shish kebabs but the Thanet Times report yesterday about the goings on in the Codfather in Ramsgate on the 15th May brought a smile to my face after a serious bout of leafletting.

If you haven't read the report, here is a summary. Poor Mohammed Dirwish working in Codfather had a woman customer waiting in the early hours for her order, when a Mr Nichols entered with another man who was drunk and abusive. The drunk was threatening and abusive and when he was asked to calm down by Mohammed Dirwish, replied
"Oi, geezer, you are nothing. I am going to sort you out. I'm going to take you outside and f***ing kill you"
Mohammed, should have called the police but decided that direct action was called for (not surprising considering the threatening language used against him). He grabbed a pole (doner pole or shish skewer was not exactly clear in the report nor was whether there was food still attached to it) and came round from the counter to wallop the drunk. The pole was unwieldy and he ended up striking the innocent woman customer in error and Mr Nichols twice as he tried to sort out the drunk abusive customer, who remained unscathed.

Kent's Finest arrived at 2am and found Mohammed contrite and apologising to Mr Nichols for having caught him in the frying line. The girl left before the police arrived and the Thanet drunk was not named. Presumably, Mr Nichols complained and the drunk went on his way, scot free, despite his disgraceful and threatening language. Mohammed Dirwish was arrested.

In court, Roger Davies defending Mohammed Dirwish, was not on form, I am sad to report.

Mohammed was given a telling off for not calling the police and taking the law into his own hands ; was told to do 80 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay Mr Nichols £50 in compensation for hitting him by accident. The best line from the proceedings was from Magistrate Ian White: " We order the forfeiture and destruction of the pole."

My thanks to the un-named Times reporter; keep these gems coming !


Rick said...

Justshish must be seen to be donner ?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Food hygene regs say that meat must be kept refrigerated unless being reheated just the once, so how come a kebab joint can have a 'roll' of meat in the window, heated during the day, left to go cold at night, and then reheated the next day?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

doodoo don't

A tricky question re food hygiene

Bertie Biggles said...

I regret to say that I have felt obliged to remove 2 posts; one because I dislike the use of bad language (even if asterisked) unless it is a factual quote and the other because its content or message entirely escaped me!

It is interesting that Local Authority sites listing all sorts of requirements for food hygiene greet the enquirer googling in shish kebab. I personally think we have gone hygiene and food safety conscious but this is largely the result of instituting a quango called the Food Standards Agency, who the fulfil Parkinson's Law by finding work to do whilst spending a great deal of tax- payer' money.

Tony said...

Why should he have phoned the Police first? What good would that have done.