Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Isn't it nice to know that my 153 days working to pay my taxes are now over and that yesterday was Tax Freedom Day.

For my fellow serfs who are not with this issue, let me explain. Accountants work out how much we pay in direct and in-direct taxes as a proportion of income and then estimate how many days we work each year to pay them. The day when we notionally start earning for ourselves is called Tax Freedom Day and this year it was yesterday, 2nd June. In 1997 when Gordon started as Chancellor, Tax Freedom Day was slightly earlier (May 26th) but that should not surprise us.

As a youngster I can remember reading about serfs and villeins and felt pity for them having to work for almost 3 days a week on the Lord of The Manor's strips of land before they could till their own strips.

Nothing has changed really accept that the sophistication of taking our money has grown since the days when the men-at-arms kicked down the door, grabbed the suckling pig and prised a hard earned groat out of a clenched hand. The difference was that those serfs knew who the b****rds were; today its utterly faceless with half the population acting as un-paid tax collectors.

Now that I don't have to work for Lord of the Manor 'Darling', anymore this year I am off to imbibe some more mead and sleep it off in my hovel tomorrow.

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