Wednesday, 17 December 2008


The barbed wire and fencing posts at Pouces Cottages on the B 2190 at Manston have been replaced today by a Canterbury based contractor (good to see local East Kent employment opportunities) with 2' high posts with reflectors. The Pic above shows work in progress into the evening gloom at 16.30 hrs!

One has to wonder why CGP are even bothering with this issue now. The new posts are certainly 1m away from the carriageway as requested by KCC Highways and the discerning will realise that these posts are still only running the few metres alongside Pouces Cottages and not the length of CGP's boundary , and that 'reflectors' are not placed to face the on-coming traffic but at right angles to passing traffic! Tut tut! Doesn't really make sense at all!

A resident has told Bertie that no-one has parked on this area since 5 December and has no intention of doing so now and will certainly not ask CGP for 'permission' to do so.

Could I suggest that CGP read Kipling's poem about the advice given to his son by a dying Norman Lord about the Anglo-Saxon mentality.

Perhaps they are otherwise engaged today, as their shares dropped by 5p to 20p after 1000 shares were traded. CGP shares have had a 20% decline since yesterday whilst AIM shares went up by 0.49% and Real Estate went up by 0.61%.

It would seem to the casual observer that as the little posts go up at Pouces Cottages, CGP share values go down! From 210p t0 20p is a 90% fall in 12 months.


Anonymous said...

If this was the US I'd say that shorting these shares would be a good move. The problem is that I'm not sure it's legal in the UK and even less sure that it's moral.

Shorting is selling shares that you have borrowed and then buying back the same number when the price has fallen. This seems like a no brainer with such a falling share value.

I think one would have to be foolishly optimistic to purchase the shares right now... unless you know of floods of money about to hit the market in question.

Bertie Biggles said...

Could I please remind commentators that 'in the heat of commenting' would you please bear in mind that allegations directed at named individuals could be construed as libellous. I have edited 21.46, with that in mind.

Anonymous said...
I find the whole episode of CGP erecting the fencing a very childish show of behaviour and to be honest I hope CGP loose all their money, Barry Coppock also deserves to loose all his promised gains ................. (edited comment)
It is about time they showed some sympathy for all the villagers whose lives are going to be ruined.
I just hope the Chinese decide not to invest over here that will teach them all a valuable lesson, they can not walk all over our local people for their own personal gain. They deserve all they get.

20 December 2008 21:46