Monday, 29 December 2008


"Larry" , said Dennis The Dachshund, "The longest day of the year has come and gone and you are still poring over the papers in that dreadful Tesco Bag. What is worrying you?"

"Oh , De ..nnis, my friend," said Larry, "its so confusing and worrying. What on earth are we to do?"

"We have Captain Brass and his bosun Bob, drafting thankyou letters for Our Mayor to a Chairman Hao and revealing that Mr Ma--yor can't write properly; we have meetings with Bosun Bob of Commerce General Property with The Bumbling Magician at Toytown Council Buildings with no minutes being kept by Toytown staff at any of their numerous meetings, which must be a matter for Scrutiny. On the 4th January 2007 they agreed 'to liaise with each other before releasing any information to the press'; to make a whole load of Toytown 'baubels' to give away to these Chinese visitors and even have signs in English and Chinese on the roads saying " Welcome to Toytown, the home of Chinese Globalisation'. No one has asked us in Toytown whether we want to be home to the Chinese thingamejib...."

Larry paused and rested his wooly head on his hooves as despondency overcame him.

"De---nnis" , he said, "it gets worse. Mr Ma--yor's carpet business is fitting carpets for Captain Brass and his crew and Bob the Bosun is even writing letters to The Mayor's Chief Executive, thanking him ' and your 3 colleagues for keeping expenditure to a minimum by for instance, not using the room minibars' and at the same time asking them to forward any out of pocket expenses so that Commerce General Property can pay for them. What do you make of Captain Brass having to buy a 'ransom strip' and land for a Gateway from the company that the Bumbling Magician is involved with? It's all so complicated. There is even reference to lots of ECO housing for 500 Chinese workers and their families and where are they all going to live in our small Toytown? Oh, baaa.aaaa, what are we to do...oooo?"

"Get a grip, Larry, " said Dennis the Dachshund. " I have the answer. Why not send all the Tesco bag's contents to 'Your Toytown' and let Davina the Mare and her foal Tom , sort it all out and print it as a news story for all the good citizens of Toytown".

"What would I do, without you, Deee---nnis" said Larry as he bimbled off out of the door and on his way to 'Your Toytown' offices to talk to Davina.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next installment. I do hope that Mr Mayor and the Bumbling Magician get their comeuppance!

Anonymous said...

Is it coincidence that Commercial General Property's shares have fallen again with the last trade taking place at 17p. A long fall from their launch at 315p.