Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Westgate's Councillors and a 'fly-tipping' problem that seems to need to be addressed.
Bertie has been picking up comments about the anti-social habits of the new 'Chippie' on the corner of Crambourne Avenue with Lymington Road (see post below 'IS TDC ACTUALLY RECYCLING OUR RUBBISH?').

I have today received an e-mail from Tracy Byrd who sent the pic above. She says:
I see you have a blog on rubbish that mentioned the new Fish & Chip shop in Westgate.
They're still at it and fly-tipped this load on the pavement this morning. Picture attached."

I have advised her to contact TDC on amenities@thanet.gov.uk and let them know of the problem. I can understand local concern here as this is food waste presumably and will attract the rats with legs. If a man can get a £165 fine from TDC for discarding a cigarette carelessly, what does a pile like this beside the two local recycling bins by the shop deserve?

In addition I have suggested that one of her three Westgate Councillors might need to be contacted to help get some action taken; Cllrs Goodwin, King and Moores are Westgate's 'Three Wise Men'. Come to think of it, did Cllr Goodwin's Committee (Licencing) have to grant a licence for this shop to open as a 'chippie'?


Anonymous said...

Last week they actually filled up the Newspaper recycle bins completely.

They were told that they were for newspapers but laughingly carried on, the owner saying that he had a mate at the Council who would get rid of it for him!!

I spoke to the other shop keepers and they all have to have the big blue trade bins, and can get fined if they don't.

My friend, who got a lot of abuse from the Chippie when she mentioned the bins, did contact the TDC Enforcement officer Mr Goodall; but as she didn't want her name mentioned as she feared reprisals, she contacted anonymously.

Therefore, even with the evidence under, and up, their noses, nothing was done. I'm sure a passing inspector could have made a decision without having a statement to work from.

And yes I can verify the picture you have put up; the pile shown was 'fly tipped today!

This pile will soon be rat infested being on the ground. Still, good thing it's not a fag end....!

DrMoores said...

I'm on it Bertie, thank you! I can't promise anything until after Xmas but Iv'e sent off the appropriate email requesting a follow-up and a response back to me.

Normally, if residents simply call or email me they discover that I take action to address any problems or concerns quite quickly. I was not aware of this problem.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that Cllr Goodwin did do something for this bit of Westgate as he used to live opposite the shop in question!

Bertie Biggles said...

Good news, Cllr Moores. Thanks. I suspect that the problem is the requirement that TDC asks for the identity and details of a 'complainant' as I discovered concerning a less serious matter with my own neighbours. One is loathe to give these details, just in case confidentiallity is breached by TDC Officers inadvertently.

Anonymous said...

Councillors in Westgate have a very poor image in the area South of the Canterbury Road! We appear to be not part of the rest of the village.

If Cllr Dr Moores is able to do something, then all credit to him, and I for one will make sure that the annoyed locals know who sorted it out for them!

Please make sure that we are kept up to date with developments on this strand Bertie!

DrMoores said...

I do try and get around the area 'South' of the Canterbury road from time to time. One example is the walkabout with the housing officers around Linksfield and Dunstan Road and most recently I sorted-out two street light problems in much the same area and worked on two homelessness problems in surrounding roads. Not remarkable in the grand scheme of the things I know but I'm pretty easy to find as residents will know if they try to contact me.

I do make every effort to keep people informed when they do ask for my help.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if all the areas of Thanet had a residents association who would fight TDC on every issue that was not dealt with properly, we would then have a chance of making Thanet again into a clean place it once was, before this Council took over. How can they justify increasing our Council Taxes but halving the facilities they provide.

Anonymous said...

I agree, but when your councillor is the Chairman of the Residents Association, your stuck!

Oh and for information, the Newspaper bins by the Chippy in question were emptird today, but they left the stinking pile of rubbish behind as it was not recyclable newspaper!

Happy Christmas to all the local residents; Gold, Frankinsense and stinking fish!

Anonymous said...

oh, and bye the way, 'young' simon has a beard now.