Thursday, 4 December 2008


Around the Isle people are objecting to development and over-development in their hundreds ad even thousands, and TDC still wish to proceed with Asset Disposal although now is certainly not the time to sell. No wonder it was reported that whilst Sir Bob was cheered by Thanetonians last Saturday, 'Our Leader' was booed. It might be sensible to slow down the whole process, 'Mauwice'?
HOOT has had to rekindle its campaign and if you have not already sent off your thoughts to TDC on the subject, please do so by close of play tomorrow. Just e-mail Hannah Thorpe at TDC .
You can also sign the on-line petition at


Anonymous said...

It seems a bit desperate.

Anonymous said...

Matt! Yes we are desparate, if we allow this part of king George the V1 park to be taken and developed you amy as well say good bye to all the other parks in Thanet. This Council seeme to take unbridge if they see any gree stuff about, it all has to be covered in concrete or they shall not be happy. Matt have you ever thought of the future of your children/grand children? If we do not fight to keep our green lands there will be no land left for any recreational use for us, or thatn of the next generations, shame on you that you had to be told!