Friday, 19 December 2008


You can look at the whole planning application on under F/TH/08/1393.

My first thoughts are that this is a good idea, even if the ceilings seem low on the 1st floor. It certainly beats rusty railings and a weed infested unsightly storage yard.

The side elevation reveals what I think is the one poor aspect of this application. It all seems so poky with the 'railings' on the road boundary! I do not know if it is possible to put in a pavement instead so that the offices join the street scene without being hidden away behind an un-sightly fence. The line of the offices would then 'match' the other canopied pavements in Station Road.

Anyway, I hope 'Our Ken' and The Planning Committee do a good job on it if it is 'called in.'


Bertie Biggles said...

My apologies to those who commented earlier!. Bertie, on returning from his favourite 'watering hole', obviously pressed the wrong keys and as a result cannot put comments up again as they came through the 'ether' despite the fact they are still on the system! So here they are:

ANON 17.34 SAID :

"Question: Is it necessary to build there in the first place? There are plenty of other areas to chose from surely."

Dr Moores said at 22.16:

"I met with Darren Ellis this morning and you can find my updated comments on the proposed development at
I will pass your observations on.
Sounds sensible to me!"

Could I apologise again for fumbled key pressing!

Anonymous said...

So long as I don't have to work there I'm not massively worried. Have you ever worked in a very low ceilinged building?

One tends to "duck" all the time and standing up feels very strange. It's not an idea working environment and you would not catch me being first in line to use said property (unless said property was being offered gratis).